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My Apocalyptic Doritos Commercial

Hey guys! I'm trying to win a million dollars in Doritos's annual "Crash The Superbowl" commercial competition. If I win, it'll help me make the most libertarian action film ever made. Check out my 30-second ad below:

If you like it, please follow this link to rate my video, it only takes a few seconds:


These ratings don't determine whether or not I'll become one of the 20 semi-finalists that will be announced in mid-December, but it can't hurt to be one of the top rated entries!

If my ad moves on in the competition to become one of the 5 finalists (which all win at least $25k!), come January I'll be asking for all of your help voting for me!

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Well, they announced the semi-finalists...

I didn't make the cut. Oh well, I still got almost 50,000 views out of this!

You can watch the 20 semi-finalists here if you're interested:


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What a Shame

Yours was fantastic, and it seemed to be rated higher than those that made it... strange.

You were robbed!

I watched all the semi-finalist entries, and I only liked 3 of them.

Yours was so-o-o-o much better than the majority that made the cut. I have no idea what the judges' criteria was, but it is far different from what I'd find effective/appealing.
Some of the semi-finalists' ads were just downright stupid.

I'm disappointed. I loved your commercial! You are very creative and I hope you will continue making videos, despite the setback.

Congratulations on 50,000 views, and your excellent commercial.

Thank you!

Yeah, I agree, I thought most of them are stupid. I think I'm pulling for the time-travel one to win. The science-fiction ad in particular was frustrating because it's not really funny at all. If you want to give a slot to a genre-ad that isn't funny, I know one that a lot of people liked...

Here's another ad that I was almost 100% certain would be a finalist:


It's hilarious and very well made. It totally got snubbed. I have a theory, though. This is the first year that they opened the competition up to foreign entrants, and right about half of the semi-finalists come from outside the United States. I have a feeling that Doritos went out of their way to make sure that about half of the entries came from outside the states. The worst of the semi-finalist ads are all international. I'd LOVE to see an analysis of the numbers here, because I have a feeling that while half of the semi-finalists are international, FAR less than half of the entries were international.

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I wouldn't change a thing.

Your ad really grabbed my interest...I wasn't expecting it! This is truly a top quality, professional commercial and I wouldn't change it at all.

I've watched it six times after reading some of the critiques and suggestions offered below...and I still do not think you should change a thing.

If people pay attention, they'll see that the boy IS wearing clothes that are too big for him, clearly suggesting that the man wearing them feels only 3 feet tall. It's perfectly integrated with the song and is strongly symbolic.

To think that a survivor of an apocalypse would be worried about "littering" and being "politically correct" when the world around him is destroyed and littered with burning buildings, dead bodies and debris, would be unrealistic in that given situation. Don't change it.

I see this as the kind of ad that would be perfect for repetitive broadcasts, where the meaning sinks in more and more with each viewing. The message being, that a person feels stronger when they are not alone. It doesn't matter what brings two living beings together, even if it's a bag of Doritos. The contest is about plugging their product, so that's what you've used in your message, and quite effectively in my opinion. But it's the bigger message of "companionship" that really resonates in your ad and makes it appealing. Viewers will relate.

It's a winner in my book. Hope the win becomes a reality. Well done!

CNN litters too.

check out 9 seconds in...


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


you could show a hand coming down to pick up the bag as they walk away.. leading into a possible sequel commercial =)

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

would watch more than once

A good commercal is one you would watch more than once. Ad execs know that a commercial needs repetition to be successful. However, repetition is not possible if a person tunes out or changes the channel. A good example of a great commercial is the kmart "ship your pants" commercial. People were actually sharing that one with friends.

I suppose the litter thing is a concern for some but in a post - apocalyptic world who would care. If it is the one deal breaker, you ciukd perhaps have the bag attached to a stick like a small flag with a sign below it saying "be bold" or somehow tied to the products slogan while at the same time being a deliberate communication attempt to anyone else out there.


Why did the kid get suddenly

Why did the kid get suddenly older? Keep continuity.

pay attention

Listen to the music in the commercial and think about how the introduction of the advertised product is the moment things change for the central character. He no longer feels "three feet tall". We now see the man for what he really is, a survivor who suddenly doesn't feel small because if the product. Sounds absurd that a product would have that effect but it is possible and we are left to ponder that. Did the character have a significant event in his childhood that gave him hope and that event was associated with the product? Perhaps its a connection to the world before the apocalypse that means so much. Its also a bit humorous like that movie Zombieland where Woody Harrelson's character is so desperate for a Twinkie.


The Doritos didn't change him.

It wasn't the Doritos that changed him, it was finding a friend. The Doritos certainly played a role in HELPING him befriend the dog, but it was actually having the dog with him and no longer feeling all alone that caused him to feel like an adult again.

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That's not what it's about at all...

It's supposed to convey how Doritos® last so long and are so nutritious that they can sustain a boy to manhood after surviving an apocalypse, and the remaining wrapper continues on as a testament to the civilization that created it.

It's so obvious I can't believe you didn't know that.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

I "Liked" On YouTube

It seems like it would be a little too weird to win that contest but the production quality was very good. And don't get me wrong - I certainly do hope you win this thing. Best of luck!

I don't like it. Sorry.

and bump.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Can I ask why not?

So far I've had people complain about littering, Doritos being unhealthy for dogs, Doritos containing GMOs, using a bow instead of a gun, the ad being an attempt to incite violent insurrection and normalize people to destruction. So I'm just really curious where you fall on the spectrum of complaints.

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The cuts were a little too fast for my eyes to follow...

and the aging of the boy to a man was unclear until I'd watched it a few times...

And gee - couldn't he have found a proper dustbin in that barren wasteland?

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

i picked up on the aging the

i picked up on the aging the first time. Seems a few people are having that problem.

The music is key

I think that people just don't pay attention to the music. If they did, it'd be pretty clear.

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The Muppets

That's the song from The Muppets movie from a couple year's ago. Written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords. He won the Oscar for another song he wrote for that movie "Man or a Muppet" I love it! Check this out. http://youtu.be/aDnTo2S2BrA

I really liked it. I usually

I really liked it.

I usually hate most commercials.

It wasn't really libertarian although it was post-apocalyptic.

I know, I know.. what's the difference? lol

What can I say?

What can I say? I'm not gonna risk losing a potential million dollar competition by default just to seed a little libertarianism into a 30 second ad!

Rest assured, if I win the million dollars it's going to be funding a LOT of libertarianism.

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That is one mighty impressive commercial right there. I felt as though I was watching a Superbowl commercial.

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Thank you!

And I filmed it with relatively inexpensive consumer-level equipment, $12 in Doritos, and maybe $20 in gas.

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Voted. Would like to see an

Voted. Would like to see an awesome libertarian action movie.


While you wait for me to win a million dollars and make the granddaddy of libertarian actions films, check out a few of my short films on my YouTube channel!

Start with this one, Liberation, it's my most recent and my most action-packed:


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Nearly 17,000 views so far!

300 plus likes, only 11 dislikes

He's catching on, I'm telling ya!

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links:




If you don't win...

I'll never eat Doritos again!

the littering was nothing.

the littering was nothing. dont change it

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Production value was superb!

Nicely done. I hope you win.

But the littering at the end. Not very PC my friend! Even with the world in flames the dude has to find a garbage can.

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