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My Apocalyptic Doritos Commercial

Hey guys! I'm trying to win a million dollars in Doritos's annual "Crash The Superbowl" commercial competition. If I win, it'll help me make the most libertarian action film ever made. Check out my 30-second ad below:

If you like it, please follow this link to rate my video, it only takes a few seconds:


These ratings don't determine whether or not I'll become one of the 20 semi-finalists that will be announced in mid-December, but it can't hurt to be one of the top rated entries!

If my ad moves on in the competition to become one of the 5 finalists (which all win at least $25k!), come January I'll be asking for all of your help voting for me!

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Very creative!

I like it a lot. I do have a question, who is the guy at 0:25? Is it the original character aged some years and still eating and sharing the same bag of Doritos?

of course it is

of course it is

The way I see it

is that initially the man feels "3 foot tall" (as the song and title suggests) because he's all alone in a post-Apocalyptic world. But then when he finds the bag of Doritos and the dog we see him as an adult because he's no longer alone.
I'm just guessing, though.

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Spot on!

You're absolutely right. The survivor feels "three foot tall" because he's "all alone." The song and it's lyrics are very carefully woven into the ad.

The survivor is my 13 year old brother for most of the ad, and me for the final shot when he feels like an adult again once he isn't alone anymore.

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There is nothing

There is nothing under-privileged, under-powered, under-sized, or under-prepared to survive or overwhelmed looking communicated by what appears to be a well trained, agile kid. I never got the sense he was lacking in any way, just hungry and happy to find Doritos. To suggest otherwise would be "kiddist" in some sense. You might as well put a woman in there and change her into a man - get my point. You'll need to find some other way to communicate it if you want without expensive hobbit forming CGI. Perhaps he needs to be wearing clothes 5 sizes too big, and not be able to pull the bow? Otherwise he looks totally in place and well adapted as he is. I like the well done apocalyptic feel. It's very popular right now. And if you have seen the transformation of kids and adults in Walking Dead once kids learn to survive they can hold their own. The kid is cool just as he is, making a friend in the end. That alone is a good commercial.

I thought that

I thought that the face at the very beginning was a girl, so the mustache after eating Doritos ... it's really about the effects of GMO corn, right? :-)

J/K. Awesome job, and even more awesome would be for you to win and make the movie.

Got my Vote!

It puts the product in a very positive light. It has an epic Superbowl feel to it.

I've seen much darker superbowl ads before. The song is an excellent touch but I'd get quick permission for those lyrics, though.

Sidenote: Animals are being used to help lift the spirits of depressed Veterans and troubled children. This small clip says a lot without saying a lot.

Really think I'd take that chance, lol?

The song is one of the tracks licensed by Doritos for the competition. All entries HAVE to either choose from one of 20-odd songs or go without music.

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Excellent! But one suggestion to be more "mainstream" friendly

I honestly think it's very good and would be the talk of all the SB commercials, honestly.

But the NFL and TV and all that is Big-Time mainstream stuff right there. Despite it's sell-factor and production quality along with entertaining ability, the executives may decide it's a bit too real, scary, &/or 'inappropriate'...

Therefore, to help your chances and increase the "fun" factor, I suggest one ridiculous thing...


Zombies lighten the mood with a little pop-fantasy while having the same general effect on awareness to prepare.

Just a few, can computer generate a few in the back-ground, and maybe have one step on the bag or grab it at the end, and sort of slowly follow the kid off down the road as the camera cuts out...

Not that I'm a zombie fan or think the ad needs it, it doesn't, but it would g smoother with the mainstreamers and the sheeple, who don't want to be scared to death about the apocalypse.

You could have 2 versions.. One w/zombies, one zombie-free... and let the execs decide...

Just my 2 cents.

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I hate zombies, and I specifically set out to make a post-apocalyptic ad that WASN'T zombie themed. Trust me guys, I've analyzed the crap out of this competition. I had weeks to watch entries before I even shot mine. Zombies have been done to death this year, and they're all awful. This is a much more unique premise. I've watched 300+ entries this year, and I've probably seen 20+ zombie ads.

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Good luck...

But honestly, the NFL and Doritos are in the mainstream market.

It's about what sells.

Your ad is better without zombies, I definitely agree. But will the corporate execs accept it? Will it sell better to your average sheeple? Maybe it will, hopefully. I could actually picture it.

But if you could send in two versions (if you can idk) why not ad in a zombie edit version for a shot at a million bucks. I'm not trying to interrupt your art here. Just saying "I hate zombies" may not be reason enough not to be as competitive as possible, for the market your targeting?

Have you done research on demographics, and how people respond to one ad versus another. Zombies are popular because the 'apocalypse' theme is popular, but people can pretend it's fantasy at the same time. Doomsday Preppers isn't that popular...

Forget it, I'll just shut up now....


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

This is a really good

This is a really good suggestion, hope the OP takes it into consideration.

It's also a good suggestion because it can be done without re-shooting any of your scenes...just add a quick second or two of a zombie walking around so viewers know it's a zombie apocalypse and not a regular apocalypse.

Cool stuff!


kind people rock

post or link it to the "call

post or link it to the "call of duty" and "battlefield" video game videos and forums i bet that would help with the views and hits on youtube


shoot the dog, eat the dog along widda chips-
protein and GMO corn for the head
what more does one need in a world that Barry destroyed

No, seriously this is a winner, as is
Great work, matey

Darn I was hoping for a rocket launcher.

Seriously, the first picture of the video gives me the impression that the guy was going to shoot a rocket launcher that would explode doritos everywhere haha.

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WTF. Why are people bent out of shape over a dog eating Doritos or a bag of chips left on a rail road track in a commercial?? That is something your kids are NOT gonna ask you about or if they did, would have a simple answer.


The latest boner pill commercial. Try explaining "Erectile Dysfunction" to your 8 year old kid.


Buck The System, good work!

P.S. Thank You. Now the NSA has on file that I searched Erectile Dysfunction.

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Dang, gotta have FB to vote :/
Good job with the video, tho.

Edit: Forgot I had a fake account.
5 Stars, homie.

nice work!

hope you make it!

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