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Flashback: 911- ABC news clip of the vaporization of WTC

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It's a very good question.

Where did the towers go? I don't know where they went, but I certainly DO know where America went.

The rubble vaporized, just like the Constitution.

Thank goodness the media tells us what to think, otherwise we would get brain aneurisms from thinking for ourselves.

At least

We found one of the terrorist passport. Yah ok


I think this footage is great and all.

And I have no problem with it.

But this title absolutely sucks.

You have no idea what you just saw do you?

Baby nukes with holographic planes?

Controlled demolition using some sort of new concrete pulverizer made of thermite?


Try looking in the mirror or get rid of the "we" unless you are talking about the mouse in your pocket.

God Bless.

Good post

Has George Stephanopoulos playing defense in it too.