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Video of Prominent Freeman Dean Clifford 'Kidnapped' by Agents after Law Movement Event

~ Breaking News ~ This is pretty big. Expect to see this story on Canadian national news tomorrow.
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Update 2: They won't give names till 830am. 905-681-2511 (Ontario Provincial Police)

Update 1: Dean was abducted by ROPE (Repeat Offenders Parole Enforcement).
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On the late evening of Sunday, Nov.24, 2013, famous Canadian law movement steward Dean Clifford finished giving his keynote presentation to a packed, sold out audience, and wrapping up his two day seminar in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

At approx. 7:30pm Dean was forcefully taken from inside the Marriott Hotel by men and women in police uniforms who would not identify themselves and who would not provide warrant for arrest.

Two unmarked vehicles with Ontario license plates #BSLX 615 and AB-13115 were captured on video by multiple witnesses at the scene who watched as Dean was taken to an awaiting unmarked pick-up truck and put inside against his will.

Dean went peacefully but nobody knows where he is.

Link includes video and updates: http://newagora.ca/index.php/news/geo-politics/item/175-dean...


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a "Freeman" is someone who

. . . declares his or her Fundamental Right to Be.

Just let me Be !!!

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Two shorten the road.

CBC reporting:

CBC: Freeman on the land guru arrested in Hamilton

More demonization of those who stand for Property Rights.



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