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Ben Swann: Corporate Welfare is Almost Double Social Welfare

Often at BenSwann.com we have headlines about the abuse of social welfare programs. Make no mistake, there is much abuse of social welfare programs. But the form of welfare the receives much less discussion… corporate welfare.

According to a new report, the federal government spent $59 Billion on social welfare programs in 2006. While that number is high, it is nearly half of the taxpayer dollars given to assist corporations. That number, a staggering $92 Billion.

Huge, and likely profitable corporations, were able to get tax breaks for themselves, as well as some receive direct spending from the Federal Government.

According to the report, Think by Numbers, the definition of corporate welfare isn’t even lucrative no-bid contracts for defense contractors, but just the massive subsidies offered by the Feds to industries such as coal, wind, ethanol and oil.

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lack of taxes is not corperate welfare

although taxing one company and not the other is cronyism.

Many programs that masquerade as social welfare

(food stamps, federal education loans, Obamacare) are far more beneficial to corporate interests (big agriculture, government education, and insurance conglomerates) than they are to individuals.

Now....to what extent is military spending welfare for somebody?

cause that series of charts would again make the previous look small.

"Discretionary military spending". That's probably about 70% of it in my mind.

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I for one can tell you every

I for one can tell you every company in the energy industry DOES NOT NEED to be subsidized.

Southern Agrarian

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I can second that.

I could second that but is a tax break really corporate welfare ? I don't agree with some companies getting a bit of relief and others not I believe the tax on all corporations should be lowered .

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Bump & thanks

for posting.

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