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Famed Pathologist Weighs In On Allegations Brittany Murphy Was Poisoned

Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack were murdered via poisoning, the Clueless star’s father Angelo Bertolotti told Good Morning America Tuesday.

“I have a feeling that there was a definite murder situation here — it’s poison, yes, I know that,” Bertolotti said of the deaths — his daughter’s, which occurred Dec. 20, 2009; and Monjack’s, just five months later on May 23, 2010.

Family insider Julia Davis added, “Our theory is they were poisoned, but the investigators should look into it.”

INSIDE EDITION spoke with forensic pathologist, Cyril Wecht about allegations that Brittany Murphy may have been poisoned.
Famed Pathologist Weighs In On Allegations Brittany Murphy Was Poisoned

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Government Lies, Corruption

Government Lies, Corruption and Mismanagement

Former Customs and Border Protection Officer Julia Davis and Her Whistleblower Nightmare
As an immigrant, Davis sought her American dream by striving to serve her new country. In early 2002, Davis graduated with honors from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, receiving an Outstanding Achievement Award. She reported to her duty station at the San Ysidro, CA Port of Entry in San Diego and quickly learned her new job. She built good relationships with coworkers, received outstanding performance reviews and started to move up the ranks within CBP. But her American dream was shattered when she reported a series of ongoing national security breaches pertaining to deficient processing and subsequent entry of subjects from countries with terrorist ties, into the United States, as well as her concern over the removal of metal detectors and X-ray equipment from the Port inspection areas and the reduction in the security staff.

Julia Davis
Thinking about telling on your boss? Whistle blowers face many retaliatory perils
January 19, 8:06 AMSan Diego County Political Buzz ExaminerKimberly Dvorak

When one thinks of the term whistle blower, most think about Frank Serpico of NYPD fame. Serpico’s tough, gritty persona allowed him to turn the tables on corrupt cops and his no nonsense, take no prisoners attitude forced the NYPD to take a good hard look at the way they conducted police business. His harrowing “Lamp Lighting” story eventually became a Hollywood major motion picture starring Al Pacino, another Hollywood tough guy.

Whistle blowers or “lamp lighters” as Serpico refers to them as often to do not make the big screen, but their stories are just as compelling and very hard to read about. Julia Davis’ experience is one such story; Blackhawk helicopters, sneak and peeks, eaves dropping, multiple agents tailing her every move and finally two false arrests.