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Caution: Don't Share This! You Might Start A Revolution!

Figure out how to get millions of people to see this video and it will be all over for the criminal government in America!

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The Most Dangerous Superstition Paperback
by Larken Rose (Author)
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One dot goes to work at a new job

And his employer dot gives him forms to complete. "What is this?" "It is for tax withholding and direct deposit in your after tax and payroll deductions of salary to your bank account," replied the HR drone. "What if I do not want my tax withheld and want to be paid in cash?" asks the dot. "Then, you can't work here," replied the drone.
As time goes by the enforcers of the tiny gang sends a fuzzy photocopy of a form letter to the dot's bank, employer, and county courthouse. It seems the dot has not contributed enough to satisfy the enforcers, or the tiny gang. The letter from the enforcers told the employer to garnish the wages of the dot, confiscate his bank account, and put a lien on his property. Dot never sees an IRS agent. The tiny gang the IRS agents work for is 1000 miles away.
The employer believes he has to have a license from the tiny gang to operate - as does the bank. The county courthouse records liens. It just does what it is told. They all do what the enforcers tell them to do. They are the real enforcers, not the IRS. The average dot never sees any member of the gang or IRS.
There may be 100,000,000 taxpayers in the country, but there are 330,000,000 people. Taxpayers are a minority.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

stupidity and obedience

I will skip over for a moment the fact that conservatives want to conserve things the way thay are. That is they are against change. And they are against learning new stuff. By definition that kind of makes them stupid. Unwilling or unable to learn new stuff. This of course is just one of many reasons that there are so few conservatives in academia, and ESPECIALLY in the areas of science and engineering.

Second they tend to be obedient to authority. This is their nature. Evolution made us this way. Of course, since the majority of conservatives tend to be creationists, they will ignore this argument.

For those of you with triple digit IQ's and able to learn new stuff, I suggest that you enter the two words orwells boot. Read the first item that comes back in any search engine, after paid links. That 1/2 hour read, will usually be under the name factotum666.

That is an excelent explanation of why this little blubr is just another effort by Mr. Rose to sell his bogus ideas.

Lot of pussies on the DP today

Of course the IRS will crush the first resistors

But if millions of people see this - even the takers - will realize that they are being conned just the same.

It takes millions to overwhelm the state.

So lets worry less about the 'first few' and concentrate on 're-educating' the masses.

That's the Ron Paul WAY! EDUCATE

Love it!

Love the enthusiasm Barracuda! It is inspiring! Lots of pussies on the DP everyday... then there are a few like you that make my day!


Everybody wants to live in Heaven. Nobody wants to die.

The Tiny Dot, revisited.

This video has been posted here before -- I posted it myself two years ago.

I liked it a lot when I first saw it, but I've since realized that Larken's argument is flawed. Here is why:

There's a little parable in David Friedman's book, Price Theory:

Conan the Barbarian is being pursued across the desert by a hundred savage tribesmen, all armed with swords and spears. Conan has only a bow and a few arrows. Both Conan and his pursuers are afoot. How does Conan escape?

Friedman gives an economic answer: Conan runs a little, then shoots the first/fastest pursuer. Runs a little more, and shoots the next first/fastest pursuer. And the next. Soon the tribesmen begin to compete with one another NOT to be the next first/fastest pursuer, and Conan walks away.

Larken likes to say that a few thousand IRS agents can't possibly control millions of determined tax-resisters. But he's wrong. All the IRS has to do is SMASH the first/fastest tax-resister. And the next, and the next. And pretty soon nobody is in a hurry to become the next. They don't have to smash millions of us -- just a few hundred of the loudest and most prominent. Larken himself spent 15 months in prison for tax "crimes." He should understand how it works better than he does.

Is there another answer to the problem? There is, but it's ugly and dangerous. It involves using the Conan strategy that the IRS uses -- against the IRS itself. Suppose someone were to start assassinating IRS agents, simply because they ARE IRS agents? How many kills would it take, before the entire cowardly gang of them quit en masse? Surely a lot less than the number of people who have been imprisoned and had their lives ruined for tax "crimes." Just a thought . . .

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Leg tingle! I just got one.

It involves using the Conan strategy that the IRS uses -- against the IRS itself.

Savagery is not always effective...

and can often have the opposite effect.

For instance, persecution that is meant to cripple a people can often embolden them.

A drop of freedom has never

A drop of freedom has never befallen anyone without an equal and opposite drop of blood from their oppressor.

Merely to kill is not savagery; to suffer without protest the existence of a tyrannical entity is savagery in far greater degree.

Very true, in several different ways

If someone went on a murder spree against IRS agents, a lot of people would demand MORE government and more gun control, in order to protect "the public" from "terrorists." Most people don't approve of murder (except when it's done by "government," which names its murders "war" or "law enforcement"), so while IRS agents might indeed be terrified, government might actually grow more powerful, rather than falling apart. Tax collection duties could be assigned to paramilitary units, and wouldn't that be lovely. Savagery begets more savagery, rather than liberty.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Very nice..

I just purchased his book, I hope it's a good one.

"Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame.."

The problem

Is that the blue dots are in support of the gray dot.

Great video, but here's my favorite from Larken...


This video really helped me break free of the conditioned learning from government schools and media/social propaganda, to see the truth that we really don't need government. Although there are a lot of "takers" right now, I believe many of them would prefer to be independent if given the chance in a free society. Because of government taxation and regulation, and the hidden "tax" of inflationary fiat money, the cost of living is artificially much higher right now than it needs to be.

I'm totally on board with spreading the word and promoting the values of true freedom. I'm mainly on Pinterest, and have found a lot of like-minded people there. Here's my board, if you'd like to follow and help spread the message there: http://www.pinterest.com/confetticrafts/politics-philosophy/

I watched Larken's video.

I watched Larken's video. That's pretty good. I need another cartoon to talk to me about how an anarchist society will defend itself against foreign armies, or what would happen if a highly organized gang in Anarchia got a hold of a lot of a lot of chemical weapons and nukes. It seems like the country is ripe for the plucking if there isn't a minimal amount of government in place. I could see it getting resolved if the vast majority of people would refuse to acquiesce, but there are so many sheep for me to see that happening, even if at first a lot of people like the idea of freedom. People would just bend over as soon as their little family is threatened.

The States had no formal union when...

they defeated the British.

Hell, the U.S. military couldn't defeat the Vietnamese.

The secret to winning a war is NOT killing more of them then they kill of you. The secret is to win hearts and minds. The secret is superior communication, and one of the secrets to superior communication is telling the truth.

Technological advantages (without communication) are only superior if complete extermination is the policy.

How is defeating the Taliban going?

The caveman approach is only effective in the bedroom.

Flaw in this argument,,,

-->majority of people want a government and think it's necessary that there are taxes

It doesn't make sense to me

doesn't "the dot" print the money to begin with? Seems to me, if you don't take the money the dot is issuing then you won't be bothered by the dot.

What about the throng of

What about the throng of takers. I'm sorry, this video is entertaining and all but the number of takers far exceed the number of...us. The takers like being takers.

OK. Good. All I ask is that

All I ask is that you spread it around.
You can spread it around with the message; "This will never work. The Takers like being Takers". OK?

I did. I emailed it to a

I did. I emailed it to a bunch of people.

Should have climaxed with

the throng turning into a boot and stomping the dot and enforcers and squashing them like a cockroach with a final splat. Then showing the throng turning from a boot to a smiley face.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


I don't often YELL, "SHARE THIS!"
But that's what I'm doing today.
This video can reach the dumbest of the dumb, the most brainwashed of the brainwashed, the most deceived of the deceived, the most arrogant of the arrogant, and the smartest of the 'smart'.
Facebook it.
Tweet it.
Do whatever. Even spam it.
Set-up a disposable email account that will get shut down for spam.
Whatever it takes.
Put it on every contact form for every business and non-profit.
Send it to politicians... to evey industry category.
If we all do something it will take on a life of it's own.
Drudge it.

I'd rather not

If it were true, great. But the fact that nearly half of the throng dots actually get the money from the other half means that it's not nearly us vs. a small dot.

I'd rather help people understand that problem than share the fallacy and lose credibility with my friends.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

its good, but

might have been better had he showed the little dot giving HALF the "throng" freebies/handouts...then you could transfer half the dots to the other side and will show MORE THAN HALF of the throng on the side of the little dot. Then the "throng" doesn't look so powerful. Fact is, government has incrementally turned over half the population into dependents. And just like in a home scenario, if your support system fell under attack, you would fight for them. So, more than half of all Americans support AND DEFEND the thieves.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Hopefully the takers won't catch on

They've proven how stupid they can be already.

(No subject)

Takers like being

Takers like being takers...that's the problem.