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JFK: ‘CIA were desperate to cover-up Nazi business connections with US’

JFK: ‘CIA were desperate to cover-up Nazi business connections with US’

This is the hidden history of the United States: a Nazi leadership triumphant and bankrolled by their ideological companions in the CIA. From Prescott Bush, whose Nazi ties are covered up by no less than the ADL to this day; to IBM, who provided the machines used to keep track of concentration camp prisoners, the German National Socialist Party was triumphant…


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And Nazis among their own ranks too

e.g. Reinhard Gehlen, who the CIA now admits working with.

This is who he's talking about primarily.

Ford invested in NAZI Germany, but he was more of a one off guy.

Here's who he is talking about

Prescott was the lead account manager of the IG Farben and Thyssen investments.

The Office of Alien Enemy Property locked down many of Brown Brothers accounts during the war including Prescott's work with those two accounts and Union Bank investments in Netherlands.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Documents in detail how the JP Morgan/Fed Reserve worked hand in glove to create Nazi Germany.


Bankster wars are nothing new...

Kuhn, Loeb and Co, Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, and S. H. Hanauer, along with Daniel Guggenheim, Westphalian-Rhineland Syndicate, Lazare Brothers, Gunsbourg Bank of St. Petersburg, London banking house of Speyer & Co., Nya Banken of Stockholm, and more, all supported the rise of the Bolshevik terror in Russia.

two operations known as

two operations known as 'Eagle Flight' and 'Paperclip' Google them yourself

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