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Millennials Look to Opt Out of Obamacare - Corie Whalen on RPC

The “Affordable” Care Act is merely a generational transfer of wealth. Ron talks with Corie Whalen of GenerationOpportunity.org who says there is only one option for her generation when it comes to Obamacare – opt out!


Twitter: @GenOpportunity

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Boomers Steal

The Boomers have been hosing other generations their entire lives. Now that their parents are dead they wish to steal from their children. Millennials have been taking it for some time and I'm just curious how far we are willing to go down this road.

Not only should they opt-out of this horrible bill; they should force the Boomer generation to pay the debt they have incurred over the last 30+ years.

I second that

I second that

Bump for Corie and Ron


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