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6th Grade Mississippi “Only Do This Assignment In Class” and “Don’t Tell Your Parents"

"6th Grade students given a rather concerning political identification assignment they are only allowed to do “in class”, along with an instruction “not to tell your parents about it”. Of course one of the Rebel Alliance members snuck the assignment sheet out of class and specifically told their mom/dad. Hence, you are now getting to review it."

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These question brought to you by

the 6th Grade students at MSNBC

The state exposes it's naked face any time they interdict

"Don't tell your parents" is a criminally minded instruction coming from a destructive institution. Same with forcing children to utter pledges. Both seek to supersede parents as the primary authority structure.

Instruct your children to report any attempt to bind them, not to keep secrets from you and that teachers, cops, principals, priests, ministers, prosecutors and politicians ALL LIE and they are the bad guys.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

One more reason for home

One more reason for home school.

And one more

teacher, principal, and school board member who should be immediately fired, lose all their benefits including retirement, and never ever be allowed to work in the education profession again in their lives.

Enough is enough.

Drag these people out of their offices if required, but get them away from our kids.

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They should at least make it like a ballot.....

and have the option for a write in. I was in my son's 5th grade class around the last Prez election, and the kids kept asking me, "Romney or Obama?" I kept answering "Ron Paul." After about their 5th attempt, they just gave up. I tried to explain, but just got the deer in the headlight looks. I then stated a version of one of Mark Twain's quotes, "don't let your schooling interfere with your education," and got more dumbfounded looks. I realize kids want to "fit in," but fitting in doesn't get you through life-at least not mine.

Most adults can't get their heads around these issues, but

somehow 11 year old's are suppose to understand the complexities of abortion, war and taxes?

Ask ANY 11 year old if a woman should have the right to kill the baby in her tummy and you're gonna get the same answer,maybe even with tears. None of these questions are designed for the mentality of an eleven year old kid, unless of course they've been given the "correct" answers by their teacher.

This is bullchit.

I would sue the school for

I would sue the school for that crap.

to be fair

I can think of a few republican congressmen and senators that would be found to be a democrat on that sheet according to their voting record.


same thing

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Ahh, the statist head of 'Common Core'

raises its ugly self. Thank God for youthful Rebels with a Cause.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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I don't mean to put a damper on this...

But the image when viewing the enlarged version looks like it was done in Photoshop. Observe the top left corner, there is no shading on the word "Read" the lines going across the paper look digital, and the light gradient going from top left to bottom right looks digital as well. In my opinion, someone took a low res picture of someone holding up a piece of paper, imported it in photoshop and inserted text digitally. In my college image manipulation class, it only took 1 hour to realize that anything can be done in Photoshop. Literally, anything. Be careful what you rush to believe when you see it. I would really like to be proven wrong on this, Anyone...

The shape of the text following the curve of the sheet

is extremely hard to imitate. It is not likely that anyone with the amount of skill to have text curve so perfectly would neglect the other parts of the image.

The reason why it looks so digital is because there is a lot of digital artifacting going on around each letter of the text. This same artifacting occurs on the hand of the person holding the sheet. This is probably due to the type of image compression used and the low levels of light in the room--some cameras 'boost' dark images by increasing the amount of light being detected, which also produces the same grainy effects as shown in this image.

Finally, The reason why the text is so clear in the question box (and thus looking photoshopped) is probably due to what the camera is focusing on. Most digital camers use an automatic laser sensor to detect the distance from the focal point. It has probably focused on the trough of the curve, meaning that the parts of the sheet that are further forward (i.e. the botton third of the sheet) are not so much in focus. It just so happens that most of the question box and the title area is the same distance as the trough-focal point. Thus, that part of the text seems unusually clear.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

plus, if someone was gong to

plus, if someone was gong to go through the effort of faking it, theyd just print one off themselves with less effort than doing all that.

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In short,

I do not believe that it is photoshopped due to what I know about technology.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Wow, didn't know that about new cameras

I suppose my only points were, don't believe everything you see, read. No one seemed to question (save one) it's authenticity or ask for other copies from others. The other being that any image can be manipulated and passed for real and won't be questioned by the majority.

Thanks for the insight.

However, the warp tool in Photoshop is surprisingly easy to use. It wouldn't be unthinkable for someone to take an original, clone stamp or hide original text, and insert their convenient text. if we know anything about psyops, it's usually a mixture of fact and fiction. In addition, it already appears that they have blurred out some of the text digitally, with the clone stamp tool, so why not go a step further.? In my eyes it still looks really fake, but I don't know for sure. You guys are probably right, my main point is that you should challenge these images, videos, or any other media because disinfo is being spread like a virus, and everything should be scrutinized with this standard imo. thanks again

Most of the problems I have

Most of the problems I have in conversing with other people on real topics is dealing with what they were taught in grade school.

People cannot accept that they were lied to as children and act as if they were lied to as adults and believed it. They are too invested. They won't accept being conned. They can't say 'I was only 10 years old and didn't know better but now I do' so they double down on the lie. Their 4th grade teacher didn't lie to them. They didn't believe a lie for 20 years. No, the new data must be fake, invalid, etc... there are two choices. Two teams. They are different. One party is more permissive than the other on something... never mind they both believe in government's power over people...

Thus moving the conditioning to ever younger students makes it stick better.

sure would like to see some

sure would like to see some documentation re the veracity of this.

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The left has a clear advantage...

...in the indoctrination of children. Their ideology is essentially a child's dream, so it's an easy sell. Sally has a toy that I don't have?! That's not FAIR!!! ..a message every 5 year old can understand, and Leftism in a nutshell. But try explaining discounted marginal revenue product to a 5 year old...

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Choosing sides. This happened to me

in first grade.

I remember having to choose between Bush and Dukakis. I choose bush without knowing anything about him.

Last year in kindergarten my daughter was asked to choose between obama and Romney. She complained and the teacher drew another line and option for Ron Paul. She was the only one in the class to do so, but boy was I proud, as we didn't prep her for it.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

That's funny

I had to choose between Johnson and Goldwater.

I chose Johnson...you know...the name thing.

I would be fuming

I am so glad I do not have children because I would be very angry at all these psychopaths that are trying to turn my kid into a zombie.

Anybody got a transcript?

Has anybody got a transcript, or a proper scan of the thing rather than an out-of-focus phone pic?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

click on the pic a pop-up appear that you can enlarge

But I've transcribed it with my comments to spare you the clicking

Are you a Democrat or Republican?
my comment: Democrat comes first because they are pushing the idea that America is a Democracy

Read the following issues and beliefs then select the party that shares the same belief as you.
my comment: They are making religious entites our of political parties - values now become beliefs. What about our shared American values and principles? Let's just skip that pesky Declaration of Independence and go straight for the throat. Get these kids to 'join the party'!

Issue: Abortion
Party Belief
D - It is a woman's right and should be legal
R - It should be illegal and restricted by government.
my comment: No mention of what happens during an abortion, that a child's limbs are sucked apart, or even if there should be a limit as to when that abortion can be performed. Is it okay to kill a child in the 8th and 9 month of pregnancy. How about when it's on its way out because technically it's not 'born' yet?

Issue: Gun Control
D - control is necessary and the government says who can or cannot own one
R - should not be controlled but responsible people can purchase if they choose
my comment: No mention of the natural right to bear arms or the 2nd Amendment protection of that natural right.

Issue: Healthcare
D - Everyone should be able to have health care regardless of income
R - If you cannot pay then you will make a lot of payments or not have any care
my comment: I'm stunned by the total absurdity of the Republican so-called 'belief', pure democrap talking point.

Issue: Taxes
D - Make the wealthy people pay more than the poor or less fortunate
R - Cutting taxes for all people helps our economy and saves money for later on
my comment: How many 10 year olds have had economic classes yet?

Issue: Military
D - Spend less on sending troops away for war and give more for veterans that fought
R - Spend more for sending troops and don't give veterans and more than we have to
my comment: I can't even believe anyone would write this. The demos want to send unarmed troops into war and the repubs just want cannon fodder.

Issue: Death Penalty
D - Against it - does not prevent crime and criminals should go to treatment centers
R - For it - It should be considered only in certain situations and could prevent more
my comment: 'prevent more' what? They won't even finish their idea of a repub 'belief' because that might influence brain cells! Love how the dems are seeking more tax money for treatment centers.

Issue: Prayer in Schools
D - You should not pray in school because not everyone has the same beliefs as you
R - You should be able to pray in school regardless of your spritual beliefs
my comment: This is where you really see how they are sending the message that political parties are religious organizations - using the word 'beliefs' here and above.

Issue: Gay Mrriage
D - You should be able to marry anyone you want
R - You should be able to marry someone of the opposite sex.
my comment: note the word 'should' in the Repub belief - I wasn't aware that you weren't allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex. Why are they forcing this issue onto 10 year olds?

Issue: Pollution
D - Companies that heavily pollute should have to pay for their own clean-up program
R - Charging companies that heavily pollute more is an extra burden to them
my comment: The subtlety is amazing. dem 'belief' says 'heavily pollute', repub 'belief' says 'heavily pollute more'. The bias and lies of this paper are astounding.

Issue: Flag Burning
D - You should be able to burn the flag if you want
R - It is disrespectful to those who dies in war for us and should be outlawed.
my comment: How many 10yo are thinking about flag burning? Well, none, until they take this survey. The issue should have been Constitution Burning because that's what's really happening. After all, it is just a piece of paper.

Really, really horrible what they are doing to our poor children.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

It's a case of pedophelia

'Keep this a secret between you and me." "Don't tell your parents." I see nefarious collectivist fingerprints all over this. They are raping our children and stealing away their individual self-worth by grouping and categorizing them into two camps. They are abusing the individual's right to free thought process by narrowing the topics and boiling them down to buzzwords. I can even faintly hear the Bushism, "You're either with us or agin us."
I just hope the parents come out in droves and demand this be stopped.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

There is a coup de'tat in the words "OR" and "Belief"

as this is no longer a Republic but a theocratic inquisition on etymological Republics casted into brimstone for demons to walk on modern tongue

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

maybe its not about WHICH

maybe its not about WHICH side you choose, MAYBE, its about getting folks TO chose sides, irregardless of sides.....teaching minus and division, ignoring plus and multiplacations....pardon the lame analogy

i dont even think the majority are aware they think this way, i think they are so conditioned that it has become a natural thought process after long term exposure, soconditioned that if the thoughts they've been taught are'nt parroted, then it is seen as wrong, delving into the NATURAL instinct to be weary of something youve not ecountered before, like a mice meeting a snake for the first time, instinctual opposition, where "players" from the get go have hooked folks into a pre-determined way of thinking, naturally rejecting other ways of thinking, then there are those who would rather stay the fuck away then to be lead into something of someone elses *contraption, especailly so when one has an independent thought that disagrees with that someone elses *"contraptions"(that is totally not the word im looking for,....."sounds like.....two syllables".....though)


Irregardless is not a word.

If it were, it would have the opposite meaning from the way you intended it.

thanks man, hopefully ill

thanks man, hopefully ill remember

Actually this is true. When I

Actually this is true. When I was in school, it was always about choosing a side, never about what you personally believed. I never truely understood politics anyway until I was older. They taught more along the lines that you should choose a side, not what it meant.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

well said

It is about getting people to choose a side, rather than to choose principals. To this end the sides must not have any consistency of principals. If there was a discernible consistency of principals people might cling to the principals rather than the team.