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Obamacare is Anti-Free Market Unless You're a Smoker

Obamacare is a behemoth destroying everything in its path as it lashes about uncontrollably. The one selling point of this awful legislation was that those with preexisting conditions would be covered. However, that doesn’t apply to smokers, who are being unfairly targeted by this crony capitalism legislation for their crime of inhaling tobacco particles.

Were this the free market, charging smokers more (up to 50% higher premiums than nonsmokers) would make sense. If you have a preexisting condition/habit that makes you a higher risk and potential cost to the insurer than other customers, you pay more. Addicts, alcoholics, etc. all would pay more as dictated by the insurance company’s policies as calculated by risk assessors. It’s up to them to decide to insure you or not and at what rate.

In this non-free market Obamacare system, everyone is accepted into insurance programs despite their preexisting conditions, without penalty, at an affordable rate (in [broken] theory). That is, except for smokers. And that is a travesty.

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What about drinking?

I gave up the smokes some 5 yrs ago. But if the truth be known I just bet drinking has caused more problems, not only illnesses. I know of many abused (mental & physical) dysfunctional families that have been affected by alcohol & drugs. What about alcohol & drug related traffic accidents. Would you rather be on the road with a drunk or a smoker.
Drinking and drugs cost the medical industry way more than tobacco. But what the hey, politicians like their alcohol.


Smokers may or may not be subject to higher prices in a free market - but of course, companies and individuals are no longer free to make choices on coverage and price.

I'm sure this is related- at my girlfriend's company for the first time this year everyone has to fill out some twenty-page legal affidavid that they do not smoke cigarettes and if they do than they face significantly higher fees, and automatically face those fees if they fail to fill out the forms by a certain date. This is a brand new policy starting this year.

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That was the policy of my employer until two years ago

Now in order to qualify for the non-tobacco user coverage rate, you must provide results from a blood test.