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Introducing the Obama Car! FREE Insurance! FREE Tires for Life! FREE Oil Changes!

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I love how the front wheels are sideways. lol classic!

It's a lemon

Suckers beware

The car wouldn't start, lol

does it come with free lifetime towing?

I'm so happy i am crying !!!!!

. . . this new free car program is the Bestest Program Everrrrrrrrrrrr :)

{ i wonder where all the "free money" comes from ? }

( all socialists are THIEVES )

You already bought it. O'Car! ~ Presidential edition.

O'Car! Credit? No problem. You are already being taxed for it. With 500,000 joy-riders & 100 million taxpayer going along for the ride, bring your favorite music. Your favorite refreshments... 1 minute sneak preview.

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