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NATO places 24 Anti-Missile Interceptors in Romania, 400 miles from RU.

15 November 2013

NATO has resumed building a military base in Romania with the construction of an anti-missile shield to protect the European countries from the ballistic threats stemming from the restive Middle East, especially from rogue states like Iran, officials and experts in Bucharest told SETimes.

"Missile threats to alliance territory and populations are real and growing," NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow said at the ceremony at Deveselu Air Base in southern Romania. "NATO's defence against these threats must be real, too. And it must be able to grow and adapt as the threat evolves."

"Romania has joined the NATO member states club which will ensure one of the most perfected solutions against the real threat which the ballistic missile represents," Romania's President Traian Basescu said at the ceremony.



RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3)
Produced by Ratheon, Aerojet
Unit cost: US$9 million – US$24 million
Operational range: Block IA/B ~700 km (378 nautical miles), Block IIA ~2500km (1350 nautical miles)

The RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) is a ship-based missile system used by the US Navy to intercept short- to intermediate-range ballistic missiles as a part of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.[3] Although primarily designed as an anti-ballistic missile missile, the SM-3 has also been employed in an anti-satellite capacity against a satellite at the lower end of low Earth orbit.[4] The SM-3 is primarily used and tested by the United States Navy and also operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.



[RT video coverage at the link below.]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the US will no longer have a reason to build the long-touted missile defense shield in Europe, if Iran fulfills its obligations in the recently-signed nuclear program deal.

“If the Iran deal is put into practice, the stated reason for the construction of the defense shield will no longer apply,” Lavrov told journalists in Rome.

NATO is currently rolling out its new Europe-wide missile defense shield, which will include two interceptor bases close to the Russian border in Romania and Poland, with the first of the first ground missiles becoming operational in 2015. The bases will be able to shoot down short and medium-range ballistic missiles.





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