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Life without government- Simple as 1,2,3

Individual liberty:
1. Realize the ugly truth about government.
-Governmental power is the power to harm you with impunity.
-You are obligated to obey Government. Government has no obligation to obey you.(It does not represent you or work for you, it GOVERNS you.)
-Government claims the power to take everything from you and has no obligation to provide anything in return.
2. Imagine the legal structure of day to day life without this beast.
-Bright minds must come together to debate and discuss the nuances of
--Commonly owned property vs government owned property vs privately owned property. (FYI privatizing the roads would be a HUGE mistake, I'm happy to substantiate if anyone cares to know why.)
---Physical Infrastructure, its management and funding.
-----Dispute resolution infrastructure and the Rights of those during dispute resolution.
------Common defense infrastructure against would be conquerors.
Document the above in an easy to comprehend way.
3. Extinguish demand for government by implementing these new innovations and thriving. Not asking permission, just living it.
-Trade with those who agree to the documented innovations.
-Use the currency that is innovated.
-Establish the common defense infrastructure in one's community.
-Eventual purchase and settle land that uses the innovations created to handle infrastructure.

All of this can be started with just a handful of like minded people.
I am up to the challenge. Let's roll up our sleeves and start innovating.

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I just wish for realism -

I just wish there would be more realism contained within the "anti-government" sentiment. You will never escape the common need for governance, and when we are finally absent of our "handlers" here in North America you will find not a peaceful co-existence of anarchists but new government continually developing. The masses will eventually beat down the doors of those they believe in most for its execution, for justice, order and protection - I can promise you this without any shred of doubt, especially here and now.

If we could attain a union of city-states it might be perfect, with a common set of goals . . . but I do not believe that social convention is capable of that today. The human mind is far too polarized, and what you would see is either extreme depravity or totalitarian tyranny. Philosophers and clergy alike will yield states that have no compassion for human error, and organized networks of strongmen will rule the rest like feudal lords. Especially within what could be called the remnants of the United States, I cannot think of a single location that would yield an idea population suited for freedom from what we have now, let alone any governance at all. It would grow like mold on a loaf of bread. Concerning the state that we now live in, for a long time the people have been bred toward this end. What would inevitably result from a collapse would therefore be exactly what we have now given the individuals within the masses.

This is why, regardless of my knowledge of the utter darkness and moral absence that consumes the government I pay taxes to, I am not as willing to simply drop the reasons I have seen for having governance in exchange for anarchy. Yet this is also why I no longer feel led to stand at the defense of government, being that it will happen regardless of what I have said. The man this site was originally dedicated to feels as I do, that if followed with purpose the mechanism of our government can be close to flawless. I can only pray that the hold - and we both know what that is - is eventually lifted from our neighbors and that our state will return to us as it was intended to be.

At least one person read the post! thanks.

You are right about a great many things in your analysis. Those who dream of a world without any sort of authority or violence are ignoring the many valid points you raise. I am not one of those, but you can drop government and keep the power of defense. The two are not the same (although they have programmed people to associate the two)

I want you to try to untangle some associations, so try to work through your first bit of rejection and stay with the conversation.(this is a respectful attempt to challenge the status quo with you...)
Imagine if you would,
-commonly owned infrastructure not government owned.
--managed by an elected body that does not have power over the daily affairs of the people, only the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure.
---built to last, paid for by usage fees charged to business and advertising.
-A full bodied judiciary to peacefully handle controversy among the people.
--A healthy bill of rights, due process rights, citizen grand jury, citizen petite jury, and magistrate.
---Would render judgement and determine the force to be used by the victor to obtain remedy. (very similar to what we have now)
-A defense infrastructure that people may participate in at their pleasure.

Could this be the skeleton of a functional anarchy?
There is no government in the above. Remember the origin of government and the origin of the judiciary are not the same. The judciary was born from the need to peaceably handle disputes in society. While government has always been an outside conquering entity. Many times (every time???) taking over their conquested societies judiciary to ensure favorable outcomes.

The above model rejects the notion of a legislature with the power to micromanage the peaceful behavior of individuals not working for the management company.

Its just a start and would require a lot of refining (obviously).