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Matt Damon: Celebrities That Get It

Matt Damon Almost Gets It.


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It's an actor reading a

It's an actor reading a Howard Zinn speech.

Wanna know who gets it? Vince

Wanna know who gets it? Vince Vaughn.

He's a jerk. i saw another

He's a jerk. i saw another clearer version of this went viral on FB and elsewhere. I couldn't get past the part where he said that the wealth of the earth must be redistributed.... Well, I'm wondering how many of his millions he has redistributed lately.

Key word: Almost

Matt Damon stacks waaaaay too much cash to rail against free market capitalism. It seems he's an unwilling passenger on the AnCap express. Donate all your wealth, Matt. Pay 100% of your salary to the government, Matt. I'll take you seriously then.

I will NEVER take National Socialism seriously though.

Right, "almost"...

What they mean (or should mean & clarify) is the re-distribution of the ABILITY to MAKE wealth. The deck is stacked for them (they)to make and horde the wealth of this planet with the tremendous help of corporatism governments.
Also he should clarify that those governing are NOT following the Rule of Law and making themselves exceptions to the RoL. Instead new laws and executive orders are being made that fly in the face of the RoL.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

He has gotten press for

He has gotten press for criticizing the president, but if Obama ran for another term he would vote for him in a heartbeat.