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Why French kids don't have ADHD

A good read. ADHD is possibly the most over-diagnosed issue facing our children. Lets just pump em full of drugs at an early age so they become dependent on pharmaceuticals! It's incredibly harmful and a sick way to lead them toward addictions!


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Most Americans are unthinking sheep.

Parents have no responsibility over their children in school. It's not the parents that say their children have ADHD but the schools. The schools take orders from the Govt, and GOVT in immoral partnership with BigPharma, HAS AN AGENDA to drug and dumb down kids more than they already are in order to make them more docile, controllable and programmable making BigPharma rich and Govt even more controlling. People have become commodity.
This thread is a no brainer. The French obviously are not corrupt or at least not to the extent America is. Apparently in France schools still care about the welfare of their charges. This is simply not the case in America.
It does not matter if the Nurse in the school has a heart of gold, the fact is she also has been programed. If a kid shows behavioral symptoms as outlined by the criminal govt the nurse must "follow the program" and suggest medication.
Here's one of many documentaries on this same site regarding drugging of kids: topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-drugging-of-our-children/
If a school says your kid has ADHD, ADD or any psychological disorder take your child out of the school or suffer the consequences because there is no arguing with the govt agenda - they want us totally controlled and paying, and when we are spent they will kill us.
As an aside, I own a dinky cell phone and today for the first time I got two advertisements on my phone, and one read: "Fluoride is good for your teeth; drink plenty of tap water and visit your dentist."
I welcome a citizen uprising. I believe America will not survive without a Revolution.

Why do we assume it is the US that is wrong?

Maybe the US is ahead of the mental health curve allowing patients and doctors to come to the right diagnosis and recognizing what medications are right for children and adults with ADHD. There is a lot of anti-drug regulation in Europe that prevents even people with valid diagnoses from getting the drugs they need there.

I don't think it is a very libertarian perspective to cheer on countries that prevent medication from being available because they are worried about the proliferation of illegal drug use. People should be free to decide with their doctors the right course of treatment based on the most modern knowledge and medications available.

These 2 articles will show why the US is wrong.

This piece outlines the (devastating) effects of Ritalin.
And this one is about the bogus, fraudulent labeling of ADHD in children, from the man who called it a disease, but got a conscience before he met, and had to answer to his maker.
Big Phama isn't interested in your health, just their wealth.

When did DP...

Become so anti free market healthcare? I don't care if pharmaceutical companies make a profit, as long as they make effective medications that improve the lives of patients.

Interact with adults with ADHD. Talk to them. Ask them if their drugs are ruining their lives, and if they want to part with ADHD drugs (most of which are *generic* and really cheap even without a prescription). Ask them if their condition is made up and a delusion.

When was the last time you heard

free market and health care in the same breath?
There is no free market in health care, otherwise non pharmaceutical options would be given by doctors to their patients, as a free market option.
People with type 2 diabetes are not given the option of exercise and diet to bring their bodies back into line, they are medicated, as are those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout and many other things too numerous to mention.
Big phama does all it can to prevent a free market in health care.
We are not talking about ADHD adults here, we are talking about little children who are medicated to the eyeballs at a time in their lives where their brains are developing.

It's diet, school, and media

The gut plays a huge role in the behavior of young people. Corporate food ruins gut flora and wreaks havoc on mental processes.

Putting young people in cages based only on age for 15,000 hours and force feeding them monotonous drivel day after day after week after week after month after month after year after year only compounds the behavioral issues.

How to reverse these effects without man made chemicals? Live in a peaceful voluntary way with your fellow man, consuming nature's bounty of healthy nutrients and not consuming the lies of those who want to mold you into a human resource and then sell you their false "cures" for your malaise.

you do realize...

Kids go to public schools and watch TV and eat processed foods in France, too, right?

The drug "band-aid" approach is wrong.

It makes no sense unless you want to make money AND mess people's minds/ lives up with dangerous drugs.

Then it makes perfect sense.

It's about the money, and about destroying families. Drugs accomplish both purposes.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Or the flip side...

Or if you have a national health system that doesn't want to spend money on chronic mental health conditions...

If you don't want to take drugs, don't see a psychiatrist. Don't stigmatize those who need them. ADHD drugs *don't* destroy families.

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Look at the mass killings; the killers were on psychotropic meds

The mentality in the US is to throw meds at everything, the same way that we throw money at problems. Neither way works. This thinking is big pharma driven and people driven who want a magic pill to cure everything. Quick fixes are not real fixes.

Reefer madness! ADHD drugs

Reefer madness! ADHD drugs make criminals!

They also watched TV,

They also watched TV, coincidence?

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

I suppose I can agree on

I suppose I can agree on that. BUT you cannot deny the negative impact that this has on our children. My point was not the conclusion that it causes addiction. And I'm not calling for rules against medications either. I am however saying that there are absolutely better and healthier ways of addressing these "issues" in children than to just drug them. I agree with the corporate way that the French are raising their children- sleep training, boundaries, getting to the core of problems, etc.

I know many adults that have ADHD

And they are absolutely helped by drugs -- those that don't get diagnosed as children spent their lives self-medicating with alcohol and stimulants like coffee and cigarettes. Their prescribed medication does wonders for them. All this anti-drug talk creates social stigma for ADHD and makes it difficult for people to get their medication.

People here should open their eyes -- this is absolutely a libertarian cause. The FDA/DEA limits the amount of certain ADHD drugs because they are precursors for illegal drugs. It creates shortages for people who need medication. Chain drug store pharmacists routinely treat people with ADHD like drug addicts or criminals when requesting their medication. THIS IS WRONG. And blaming a brain chemistry issue on upbringing, or anything else is harmful to real people.

Some ADHD patients are helped by CBT alone or in combination with medication. But just like other mental health issues not everyone can be helped by therapy alone.

Do you live in France and interact with parents of children with ADHD or adults with ADHD there? Do you know if the situation is actually better there or are you just relying on news reports? Maybe their healthcare system has flaws that discourage medication or diagnosing mental illness. I know several people with adult ADHD in Europe who have had a hellish time (or have found it impossible) to be medicated there.

I think these reports are not as honest as they seem, is all. They stigmatize medicating a medical condition. If you don't want your kid to take meds -- nobody is forcing you to medicate your children! But don't stigmatize adults and kids that need drugs to treat a medical condition. Just like you wouldn't stigmatize a diabetic for needing insulin, *even if* some cases can be managed with diet alone.


CDC: More Than 20% of 14-Year-Old Boys Diagnosed With ADHD

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Fluoride linked to ADHD

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ

Now that's just disturbing!

Now that's just disturbing!

I try not to be too crazy about the fluoride thing. I try to buy bottled water but I'm not against faucet water. But this puts it a little more into perspective. Ugh!

Gonna get downvoted for this... probably

but I think this is very important info. I'm fairly convinced that lack of discipline is leading to the majority of these problems. I think that mostly comes from a lack of families where one parent stays home. I think that comes from inflation and that from money printing. In addition to that, I think so many irrational phobias result from unnecessary restrictions.

So, we end the fed and switch to a gold/silver/bitcoin economy, start allowing drugs and liquor with no restrictions, end the puritan nudity restrictions, and spank our kids every time they need it. Who wouldn't love a little more public ta-tas?

My kids have gotten spanked every time they've needed it and they turned out very respectful. ...by the way, that amounted to once each around the age of 3!

I agree...

setting limits and enforcing them is actually what kids not only need, but want. Consistency is very important. I worked in early childhood development for a number of years and this is a basic principle: set the limits and be consistent about enforcing them.

Interesting is my observation and experience that children who were allowed to run free with no limits, no discipline, innately knew that is what they wanted and I know several who at the age of 18 enlisted in the military.... a loved it.

Bottom line,

parents need to go back to parenting.

Teaching self-control is a good start.
You are the authority in your child's life...you're not their friend...you're their parental authority. Give them guidance and boundaries...it's your calling, it's your duty.

And by no means let "them" put your kids on drugs...that includes the pediatricians.

It has been proven (after a decade of Ritalin, et al use) that these drugs cause physiological brain damage...brain damage folks...so your kid will sit still and quit acting like a kid.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

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Excellent analysis!

A two-fold plan...parents continue to "step up" AND keep the damn government out of our families!

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So basically

French parents are raising their children the way American parents did in the 50s and 60s.

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And Immunizatons are different

The vaccine regiment and timing is different in France than the US.

The hard statistical data on the difference between France and US vaccine effectiveness is always ignored.

It's because

They're always le tired.

Stefan Molyneux: There Is No Such Thing As Mental Illness


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lots'a snake oil

Years ago, I read an article critiquing psychologists. They had a normal guy put on a Psyche ward to compare how shrinks of different schools (-behaviorists, cognitive etc,) would diagnose him. He was told just to be his normal self and answer questions honestly. None of the psychologists figured out that he was a normal guy but they gave him different DSM diagnoses.
On the other hand, the other patients knew that he was a normal.



You mean amphetamines aren't good for children?



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


They get more exercise and get to drink wine imo.


A record of "behavior" drugs

will also ensure that they will never be able to own a gun.
This is how America is being disarmed.

Good Point!

...and can you imagine the noise those guns make? LOL!

Big Pharma: Creating a World of "Fragile Psyches"..
........or is that "psychos"??

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