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Connecticut judge orders release of Newtown 911 tapes

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Connecticut judge on Tuesday ordered the release of the 911 tapes of calls from Sandy Hook Elementary School made during the December 14th shooting spree that killed 20 children and six adults.

Supreme Court Judge Eliot Prescott directed officials to release the audio recordings by December 4, a date chosen to give the state, which has fought the release, time to appeal.

Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission had ordered Newtown police to provide journalists with copies of the audio recordings, but officials appealed the ruling.


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Adam Lanza

How about the release of the suppressed info about Adam Lanza.

When is that going to come out?

Or do we have to wait 50+ years for to happen...

Coming Soon

"Oooops.... where did we put those 911 records now"? "So sorry. They seem to be missing"

Or lots of information

Or lots of information missing.

No Confidential Government Documentation

A good ruling. Expect appeal to the Supreme Court.

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