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How Liberals Think

It's going to be just about impossible to ever convince liberals to be fiscally responsible in any meaningful way. The only way this could be accomplished is to simply prevent them from access to financing of any kind. The fact that they have the fed printing a limitless supply of money is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at this article, in response to a very fiscally sound discussion of another http://www.equipmentworld.com/fast-train-to-nowhere-5-reason... , about the California Highspeed Rail Boondoggle:


There's no way a rationale human being can respond to the arguments that a highspeed rail system is an excellent way to "save the environment" and "invest in our future". Oh, and California isn't going broke. The liberal financial manager hired by the left-leaning governor projects a surplus TEN YEARS FROM NOW.

I would be very dubious of associating with liberals, even on matters of liberty, when their financial beliefs will just as well lead us to ruin!

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Let's Begin...

...by no longer referring to them as liberal. There's nothing "liberal" about most of them.

Not as different as you think

Neocons gave the same blank stares when we explained to them that we can't afford more wars against "islamofascism". Islamofascism is to NeoConservatives/fake tea party as global warming is to liberals.

People are under mind control.

Ventura 2012