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Mark Levin Won't Say He Is Against Medicaid

Mark Levin, WABC Radio Host, won't say he is against Medicaid even though he is against redistribution of wealth and admits Medicaid is redistribution of wealth.


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Levin =

Douche nozzle.

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Jan, you are a true original

Just the kind I like.

Thank you for sharing your originality with us here at the Daily Paul.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.
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Thank you Michael for your venue, support and praise.

Thank you Michael for your venue, support and praise.

Jan Helfeld

Are you trying to convince us he's a neocon scumbag?


Mark Leaven

is just another statist. It is sad to see people think these clowns really mean what they say when the Rs are the opposition party.

They don't mind debt, war, shredding the constitution when it is thier team committing the crimes.

THx Jan!


Liberty = Responsibility

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Thank you for your support and comment

Thank you for your support and comment

Jan Helfeld

He did say medicaid was a redistribution of income

I don't think there are many who would disagree that a civilized modern society should not take care of those who are truly in need, the blind, paralyzed, and disabled. Its just not the federal governments authority under the constitution. The states or better still, other private sector involvement like charities, churches, mutual aid societies, or even insurance functions better.

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you get another opportunity to interview him, or did they conveniently slip out the door afterward? (my guess is the latter)
How DARE you touch the great one's arm?! Are you Al Qaeda or something!?

You should have been grateful to just quietly bask in his ambiance.....;)

He just radiates arrogance and elitism.

Of all the people I've seen you interview, this guy is probably the one I'd most like to see backed into a proverbial corner and crushed under the weight of his own hypocrisy.

Thanks Jan.

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No second chance.Thank you for your support.

No second chance. Yea, he used the bump to evade the question. Thank you for your support and praise.

Jan Helfeld

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Why won't Mark Levin say he is against Medicaid?

Why won't Mark Levin say he is against Medicaid?

Jan Helfeld

Because he's just another

Because he's just another "Republicans good, Democrats bad" hypocritical radio talk show host interested only in ratings?

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