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School: The Medicated Structure

This post is in relationship with my previous post: ADHD/ADD: The War On Children.

I wrote a post on my experience with ADD/ADHD in the public schools. At the end I wrote:

Long story short, ADD/ADHD is fake. Just be yourself and do what you love to do!

Sure, some people are attention deficit or even hyperactive. Some people can't sit in a classroom setting and some can only learn in a classroom setting. I stand by my quote with recognizing the fact that many psychological disorders are over diagnosed.

I, for example, am not good at learning in a classroom. I need to experiment and find out what works best for a specific problem. My learning technique is based on trial and error. If you tell me something is impossible, I will work as hard as I can to find a solution. Sometimes there is not a viable solution, but what did I learn? I learned all the ways not to solve the problem and maybe one day I will solve it with the knowledge I accumulated. In the early days of the automobile, there was not a viable solution to fast transportation for every individual. With trial and error, we now have an automobile that can travel at speeds above 100mph or even 200mph. We have airplanes that travel at least 500mph and to the early day inventors, defied the laws of gravity.

I'm not saying that books and instruction are not needed. I use books and ask questions all the time to solve problems. I'm saying that for some people sitting in a classroom with someone lecturing isn't the same as if people were finding out why the lecturer came to a given conclusion.

How many people would love to take a car apart and put it back together? Some of you would love to do it and some of you would not. Imagine if it was required that all grade school students had to learn how to do this. Many of today's academic scholars would not be so interested in doing this and in many cases be considered attention deficit for their lack of interest.

We can either form the structure to the people or form the people to the structure. Drugging people to form them around a structure they have no interest in has dangerous consequences. The drugs themselves are mind altering and in many cases alter the mind in a negative manner.

Violence for example:


This is a fact. The drugs have played a role in school shootings.

So whats the solution? I got it! Take all the guns away from people!


Another solution: Don't allow people to see if the school shooters were on these drugs!


Maybe its time we change the structure of our old, industrial, government run school system to a private system that offers a variety of learning styles.


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Yes, ADD/ADHD is a totally fake diagnosis

and added to the Psychology handbook as a false condition to justify sedating children. Big-Pharma/Teachers/Psychiatrists/Physicians/et al --> all receiving some benefit from this evil industry.

Now, a decade of evidence, reveals PERMANENT brain damage.

Doesn't anyone wonder why these drugs weren't needed 50 years ago?

Keep your kids away from these monsters.

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Well stated!

The one size fits all approach is antithetical to promoting learning

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Good post

This is why schools need to take a more holistic approach to education and work with individual students according to their own needs.
I thrive in structured classes but that clearly doesn't work for everyone. And no learning style is better than the other. :)

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

Debbie's picture

Excellent post! Thank you!

All great points, well-made.