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Bitcoin started a trend that will put an end to central banks

Say what you want about Bitcoin but I think that when the world's fiat currencies self destruct,(and they will) there will be many people saying "I can create a better currency than my government"...

Basically, we are living in the early stages of the private competing currency era that will naturally put an end to the unnatural central bank era we've been living in.

Smile, because freedom will come and there's nothing any government can do to stop it.

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Bitcoin is nothing more than the PEOPLE's Fiat currency

it is backed by nothing just like Federal Reserve notes -its why Bernanke under stands bitcoin and not gold

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No way!


Get in while you can!

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Bitcoin is the path that

Bitcoin is the path that electronic money is easier for the bankers to make and then take. So I agree with Alex B - very dangerous and do not support it in the least. The war on the paper dollar has been going on for many years - the rise of credit cards, electronic bill paying, checks versus debits - all a sign that electronic money has the blessing of the bankers! What's next a retina scan that just debits your account at checkouts?

If people believe that Bitcoin

is the solution to the fiat currency system, they have another thing coming. Bitcoin is what the Central Bankers want. Are people so naive to believe that Bitcoin is not part of the NWO Agenda? They put a bullet in JFK for meddling with their ability to print money out of thin air (Executive Order 11110), and they'll just allow a digital currency, that they don't control, to come out of the blue to compete with them? People need to wake up. Whoever pushes Bitcoin, either hasn't studied economy that much, or is part of the Agenda to deceive others. If people think we are in bad shape with paper money, just wait and see when money becomes fully digital - slaves in the modern feudal system.

Also on another note, if you say you love Truth and are part of a secret society, you are a hypocrite and are part of the problem because the NWO is using you.

If Tom Woods is to be

If Tom Woods is to be believed, the JFK conspiracy is a myth. Apparently, reading the contents of the actual executive order reveals a different truth. Though, I would have to actually read it in order to be sure.

As for the NWO, I readily believe that such an agenda might exist. I'm even positive that they are striving for a one world currency. But I doubt that it's BTC, for the simple reason that it's opensource.

Sure, it's possible that Satoshi Nakamoto had evil intent. But even if this were the case, the fact that he made this code opensource would doom any plans he might have had. Too many people would have the power to interfere with the code. Not to mention that people can simply copy the code and alter the things they don't like and start anew. This would destroy any plan of having one central world currency.

People that advocate BTC as a banker's wet dream, don't understand the reason they stay in power. The reason they stay in power, is because they fully understand the concept of LEVERAGE. The reason all superpowers want to centralize power, is because only under a centralized system do they have the maximum amount of leverage. The people down below are forced to obey the people at the top of the pyrami. There's very little transparency and central organizations are so large that even if it were transparent, it would hide their activities.

If people could actually follow the path of their own taxes, the system would have come crashing down long ago. Because they would have noticed that it was inefficiently spent and that it was going to the corrupt. The Federal Reserve is paying interest they gained from the banks to the Treasury, but because this money is added and mixed into the Treasury's other funds, we don't see how these funds eventually land back in the hands of the owners of the FED. Centrally controlled organizations essentially allow them the ability to whitewash the money.

With the banks, they will never willingly allow the power of the printing press to get out of their hands. There's just too much leverage that one can obtain with a printing press. The possibilities of foul play are so numerous that only a madman would ever give up that kind of power.

Putting BTC in the market would essentially destroy any of the leverage politicians and bankers have buildup over the years. Complete control only works if you have the monopoly over the most important resource: money. BTC would destroy this monopoly, for the simple reason that it opens the door for multiple currencies, ones that cannot be easily controlled. How could you stop someone from copying the code and stripping the dangerous parts? You can't.

Not to mention that you would need to be a prophet in order to foist BTC on the people. Right now, BTC succeeded, because of the free market. Believe me that the powers that be leave nothing to coincedence and they would have used their leverage (through force) to ensure the success of their scheme. They would have never left the decision up to the free market.

Hello jonat3,

JFK was a full blown conspiracy involving the CIA, FBI, Mafia and other intelligence agencies. It was the same with President Lincoln, but people need to do their own research, and not believe anyone. The group that the US broke relations with, after the Lincoln assassination, is the same group that controls the CIA, Mossad, MI5 and all intelligence agencies. Banking is the common theme between these two incidents, and it even is the same with the sinking of the Titanic. Paper is not money and much less digital currency. The major breakthrough for them is that people accept digital currency. The internet is not free and it will never be free - it will always be regulated by the powers that be. Obviously, they are working hard to tighten their grip over all aspects of the internet. So the fact that Bitcoin's code is "open source" doesn't mean anything since it will just take a simple law to prohibit its usage once people have embraced Bitcoin. I'm not saying Bitcoin will be the currency of the NWO, but it will be digital, and this is playing right into their hands. A true free market does not exist since everything is regulated - and this is one of the main points we disagree. Regulation is the leverage you talk about, so I challenge anyone to name any product, market or any wealth generating process that isn't regulated. If everything is regulated, then a "Free Market" doesn't exist, only an illusion of a Free Market exists.

The true powers that be (which isn't the government) work in very deceptive ways. For example, they deceive the people into believing that they have control, while in reality, the people only have a false perception of control. One such scenario is the "Constitution for the United States of America". This gives the people the false belief that their government is under their control, but it is far from the truth. The group that controls the Central Banks, weapons and regulates commerce has all the power, and the Bitcoin system is exactly what they want. In the future, they won't even have to use paper nor ink - they will say they are "Going Green"! Understanding Secret Societies is key to understanding where true power emanates. You will notice that ALL positions of power are held by a person who is part of a Secret Society. Banking and Intelligence is run by the Knights of Malta; Presidents, Senators, Representative have to at least be Freemasons. Political Policy, Education and all Secret Societies are controlled by the Jesuits, which include the people who claim to be "Jews" but are not. Sherman Skolnick's work provides great insights into the corrupt Legal and Commercial system around the world. And yes, Ron Paul and Rand Paul are part of the system, whether they acknowledge it or not.



Bravo! Bravo!

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Alex_B, Nice Post

Not many I have come across know the truth about the Society of Jesus and Masonic Knights, or the conspiracy to sink the Titanic for that matter. Very refreshing to hear from a like-minded individual.

To comment on Bitcoin, I agree that the elite want an entirely electronic currency; I do not think it is likely however, that Bitcoin itself will be the vessel that the elite use to implement an electronic currency system. I think it is more likely that they will develop their own digital currency which will be centralized and have its own regulations, including the ability to be inflated. In that case, in a sense, one could think of the government issued digital currency and Bitcoin as competing currencies; like fiat notes and gold. People against fiat money use gold as those against fiat money in a hypothetical, completely digitized monetary system would use Bitcoin, because of their properties of being decentralized. It is possible for Bitcoin to be hijacked by TPTB, but I am also sure that Bitcoin started out as a genuine project whose aim was to bypass fiat money and encourage anonymous transactions. There are dozens of these crypto-currencies in existence now and I know a lot of them are trying to achieve the best encryption methods and etc. as they can in order to make it as secure as possible. I do not know if the creators of all of these bitcoin-alternative crypto-currencies will act responsibly with their crypo-monetary systems (keeping it decentralized, for instance) but Bitcoin thus far seems to be maintaining it's position against the status quo pretty well.

Veritas Aequitas,

I appreciate the fact that I have now gotten to know another person that is awake and not sleeping like the majority. Ignorance is our greatest enemy, and the powers that be use it to their advantage since the majority don't really know how things function around the world. Thanks for your kind words, and feel free to reach out anytime. I wish you and your family the best.


I initially downvoted your

I initially downvoted your post, but changed my mind and upvoted you seeing that you are not a frothing extremist and that you can be reasoned with.

I agree with much of your post, except that I disagree with the law being effective in regulating cryptocurrencies. The thing is, the internet is our biggest weapon today and there are alot of people that would like to regulate it out of existence. But they can't, because it's too widespread. If you outlaw the internet, you would have a massive riot on your hands. The law has limits if the entire population engages in what they call "a crime". The number of people they would need to arrest would exceed their jails.

It's a similar case with BC, where the law is similarly useless. It's far too easy to commit the "crime" of using cryptocurrency with little hope of ever being to jail all of them or even being able to find all the perpetrators. Once that code is out in the wild, all bets are off.

I do believe that the bankers will certainly try to outlaw BC (and fail) and that they will come up with their own digital version down the line. Yes, the advent of BC will certainly accelerate this scenario. They will most likely use the law to force it down our throats. But now that BC is opensource (and thus anyone can setup their own currency independent of the bankers), they can't force a monopoly. The only way they can ensure a monopoly is if they had a way of arresting all the people that are behind the decentralized nodes and all the people that use these alternative currencies. There's no way they can enforce that.

Bottomline, if you really think they can enforce a monopoly on us, you will need to describe the exact mechanics in which they prevent someone from using an alternative currency. All regulation would do, is chase these alternative currencies to the black markets. But they won't be able to kill them and they won't be able to achieve the one world currency dream as long as they don't have a mechanism to destroy these alternatives.

Here is my take on your points..

The internet is beneficial to the people, but at the same time it is beneficial to the controlling powers. Everything we do over the internet, even if encrypted, can be tracked in one way or another. So they have no intentions on shutting down the internet, but to continue to tighten their grip on "how" we perform our activities online - emailing, purchasing, social media, banking, etc.

Bankers won't try to outlaw BC, but instead will only allow their version, and will begin a process to eliminate the competition. This will be the same as how the big corporations came to monopolize the Crude oil, Communications, News, Banking, Drugs, Energy and all money producing industries. Rockefeller did a great job of monopolizing the crude oil market, and this is how they operate.

Black market currencies will always exist, and I will most definitely be using them in the future, but that is not the main point. The main point is that black market currencies will not allow you to live your life like you currently do. For example, think of everything you purchase and need to buy in order to sustain your living standards. Now, think of who you are purchasing these items from. I can guarantee you that most of the goods and services you use are provided by big corporations, which are owned by the powers that be. The big corporations will not accept black market currencies, and here lies their greatest manipulative tool - controlling all goods and services. Wal-Mart is a good example of what I'm talking about. This same force already exists in Fiat Currency, and they are just in the process of transitioning into Digital Fiat Currency. Whoever opposes their hegemony, will face their guns, missiles, embargoes (Iran, Syria, Libya, etc.) and wrath. In order for anyone to open a business, they have to go through a lot of red tape; so this red tape is how they get people to perform according to their wishes.

Once they polish their Digital Fiat Currency (whatever the name may be), they will push it by having all government institutions and corporations pay all of their employees using ONLY their currency. This transition will be similar to when we got paid by checks and moved towards direct bank deposits. The trillions of dollars, euros, yens, etc. that are moved in the Stock Market, on a daily basis, are 100% digital, so the big banks love digital currency. The main point is that they will enforce this by simply limiting what people will be able to buy with black market/barter currencies, and in this way wield tremendous pressure on people to adopt their system. This is similar to attacking a city and cutting off their water and food supplies. This opens the door to another huge topic, Corporatism, which is an extension of Government and is used to wage war and control all resources.

It is a pleasure discussing this topic with you.


Agreed. Some might not

Agreed. Some might not believe in BTC, because it's not backed by metals. But ironically, BTC offers the best chance to open up this path.

BTC CAN destroy the central banks and can thus solve a problem that gold on its own couldn't. Once the central banks have fallen, there will no longer be anything in the way of digital gold backed currencies.

It's not just Bitcoin. The

It's not just Bitcoin. The top two crypto-currencies are Bitcoin and Litecoin. There are many others, but these two have attracted the most investor interest thus far.

Metals based digital would be

Metals based digital would be nice.

That's called "e-gold" and it

That's called "e-gold" and it never really took off. Bitcoin is ingenious because it leverages the power of math.

oh, it took off

but it was shut down by the Patriot Act

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

metal-backed digital currency?

If you could have a digital currency exchangeable for gold that would the best of both worlds. But how would you implement it?

You can exchange bitcoins for

You can exchange bitcoins for gold right now. What's the problem?

That's not what "metal-backed" means

Yes you can buy gold with bitcoins, but you can buy pizza with bitcoins and that doesn't make bitcoin a pizza-backed currency. A gold-backed digital currency would mean that some fixed unit of that currency would be exchangeable on demand for one fixed unit of gold -- perhaps one "goldbit" equals one gram of gold or whatever. Deposit an ounce of physical gold, you have 31.1 goldbits of digital currency. Withdraw 31.1 goldbits in the form of an ounce of physical gold.

If there were a way to make that a reality, it would change the world and quickly. But I don't think that's possible in a way that would work in practice. I'd love to be proven wrong about that.

You would still be relying on

You would still be relying on third parties to make sure all the gold is there, gold needs to be transported, stored ect. Those people, I don't care who they are, cannot be trusted.

With bitcoin you don't need the trust since its all public ledger and verifiable.


You'd need some way of guaranteeing that for every 31.1 goldbits an ounce of gold is on deposit, and available for withdrawal, but that means some third party or parties being involved. Bitcoin doesn't require third-party verification (although it does require certain assumptions, such as >50% of the hash rate being in the hands of honest miners) but it has nothing backing it. You can have a reliable store of value without the ability to do electronic transfers, or electronic transfers of something that can't act as a reliable store of value. All I'm saying is that if a hybrid were possible, with the best of both, it would be a game changer.

I'm personally of the opinion

I'm personally of the opinion that Bitcoin is a game changer enough. E-gold attempted to make a nice gold backed digital currency, we see how that ended.

Bitcoin (or any other currency that uses the same tech) does not need anything backing it to make it valuable.

Digital currencies definitely have utility

and digital currencies (not necessarily bitcoin in particular) are IMO very definitely a game changer. But having utility and being a reliable long-term store of value, are two very, very different things.