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Don't listen to the "experts" or doom and gloomers. The stock market is just beginning a new era.

April 1: It's actually getting a little crazy now. Notice the blue arrow at the bottoms of the charts. That is pointing to the BEGINNING of a move up! Nobody on earth has seen this before. But you have!
Right click on the chart -- then click 'view image' -- then magnify.
This chart below is a close up of the chart above.
They are both called monthly charts. Meaning, each candle represents one month.
The S&P has never exceeded that 1560 level. It tried for 13 years and broke through last May.

If you look at a chart of the S&P 500 going back to the years leading up to 2000 you'll see a sideways channel that went from the 1990's to 2013.
The chart above is what some "expert" predicted stocks would do this year.
He was wrong.
Price broke through the 1600 resistance level encountered in 2000 and 2007.
The market has gone another 200 points to 1800 and is getting ready to possibly take a break to pull back to the new support level above or around 1600.
The 'ceiling' has become the new 'floor'.
This is classic behavior for any stock or commodity. Price will hit a resistance level twice and on the third attempt will break above that level

These sideways channels are like winding a spring tighter and tighter. Eventually the spring will pop. In this case the pop is to the upside. Therefore I believe that U.S. equities have just broken above a new base. The all time highs of 2000 and 2007 have been broken.


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Still saving mine

waiting on that $700 gold


Keep printing money

The market will be fine. The bankers keep pumping it up with air money. If you are not holding money in your hand . You got nothing but air money.

Money talks and dogs bark

What you call "doom and gloom" I call hope.

You seem to think that the eventual crash and fall of our economy and society is "Doom and Gloom" but to me it is only hope that the inevitable will happen in my life time.

It is no wonder that manipulation, ignorance and greed has kept the market going up. If it didn't then their wouldn't be a stock market. And just because it does go up doesn't negate the fact that the stock market is a manipulated scam.

The fact is that one day it will crash and burn just like every other aspect of our degenerate society. That is not doom and gloom. It is our only hope.

I'm with you BT....

I caught a lot of shiiiiit when I said gold would be below $1k by year end. Guess I'm an eternal optimist. The doom and gloom can consume you, and shape your life to oblivion. I have a friend that just sold his house to go live as a hermit. There is NO armageddon portfolio. If the shiiiit hits the fan, we're all gonna be buds, and planting gardens. I'm a firm believer in plan for the worst, and hope for the best, but there comes a point when you just gotta say WTF. Look at your neighbors, and the world around you-the world is NOT coming to an end. Man has been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of time. Life's too short to live in your own prison. Are things f-ed up? Yep. Do I hate my gov't? Yep. Is it going to consume me, and keep me from being happy? NOPE.

lookin back 100 years is

telling .you see a constant up trend with declines peppered thru out.the next decline will be here soon so will the continuation of the up..whatever would cause a dramatic sell off is not clear to mere mortals .I just re balanced and am going conservative until this current period of uncertainty is past ..I do not think that the next few years are able to be forcasted ..the decision to invest is time consuming and very fatiguing mentally ..of course the brilliant folks can read all the charts and see the trends as they come forward and beat the indices... The last 2 years has been a fools paradise.. ..easy returns and little froth ..there may be a new dawn but do not dismiss the chance that the bell will soon toll to start a steep decline .. bear here and now ..


Yea that is why the FED must pump billions of dollars in funny money into the market to keep it on life support.

It is much more likely that when the dollar crisis gets here....and it IS coming, that the FED will have to stop QE and raise interest rates and the stock market will drop like a rock.

In the meantime I would look for a 10% or so correction before the big event.

Remember....Nothing but blue skies?

What's really funny...is that you are laughing at him...

..without looking at the charts nor acknowledging what an incredible call he made in the midst of, and in discord with, all the professional doom and gloomers. Not only was he right...he was right to the tune of 130 Pt.s on the e-mini and given this level of expertise, probably captured many hundreds of points in the fluctuations of the interim.

I dunno call me dumb but laughing at someone who was correct and getting richer because of it seems kinda stupid.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?



Everybody's an 'expert' because they parrot what they're told

never thinking for themselves or observing reality.
Then there are those who are awake -- really awake -- sort of like an immigrant who comes from a truly oppressed country.
They see opportunityisnowhere and they flourish and prosper -- while all the parrots keep parroting opportunityisnowhere.


Got out too soon

I got out of the DOW at 13,000. That was a mistake, but whatever, I'll start a short position some time in the future and hopefully catch some downside gains.

The Stock Market is a scam

I'm surprised that people still fall for this scam. Only cause a few parasites are getting fat off of the stock market, that doesn't mean everyone can do so. Insider trading is the norm and not the exception. I believe the parasites are looking for cannon fodder. Legal tender can be printed at will of the cabal and numbers can be manipulated, so everything needs to be analyzed with an electron microscope.

Back to reality...

There are millions of 401k and IRA holders who are doing very well since 2009. Very, very well.

Debbie's picture

How long will they continue to do very, very well though? Many

are planning to use these for their retirement in 30 years.


Debbie, It's Peaceful Down Here

I once heard the expression,"It's peaceful and calm on the ocean floor...no wind blowing, no storms raging, no waves crashing. Just quiet and serene"

Contrary to what the masses parrot, the futures markets can be predicted.
The futures markets are the last bastion of free market capitalism.

I know, I know, The FED has distorted the markets by pumping all that liquidity into the markets.

But it doesn't matter if you can read the buying and selling pressure changes before they manifest in price change.

That's all there is to trading successfully.

That's all I pay attention to.

Buying and selling pressure.

When to buy and when to sell.

Just like going to the grocery store.

When I see coffee selling for $5 a pound I stock up on it.
When I see it going for $15 a pound I don't buy. I wait.

Futures trading provides opportunity everyday to make a month's worth of income in a day.

No employees.
No boss.
No dress code.
No commuting.
No strict schedule.
Take a day or a week or a month off when you want.

It is not so much a scam as a

It is not so much a scam as a nice well rigged casino for the owners of the casino on Wall Street.

If Rome....

... had a stock market, I bet it would have looked like this right up till the end.

and then there's gold...

I had a financial rep from my 401k after I left a major corporation with a sizable chunk of change in my 401k account advise me not to go for gold investments. My thought was to put 25% into hard gold assets. He said that stock were where to go, and like a dumb-ass, I listened. Gold at the time was $380 an oz. My 25% gamble would have more than made up for my losses on stocks.


what would you buy. I've been really good at picking stocks that lose money over the years.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I don't buy stocks. Not smart enough or

diligent enough to study individual companies.

I have only traded the S&P 500 e-mini futures since 2006.

It provides exposure to 500 companies and plenty of liquidity/volume to make a daily income.

However, the indicators I use also help me see where the market is going in the longer term.

But I am flat at the end of every day session.

I don't sit in the market overnight or long term.
Too many scalpers who run stops just to make a few bucks.

As I told my friends

As long as they keep printing money. the stock market will be fine like my home made wine. They keep printing money. I keep making wine. Its that simple.

Money talks and dogs bark

Never Before Seen





This blows my mind

On April 13 I called a correction.
I was so sure I published it on my blog.

Equating the stock market to the real estate market...

I've bought and sold houses for over 30 years, buy on the downturn, sell on the upturn. In 2005-2006, at the height of the frenzy, people were saying housing prices would never go down. I thought people had gone insane. I believe we all remember what happened in 2007-2008.

The same thing will happen to the stock market. People have gone insane again.

uastudy, I wish

The same thing will happen to the stock market.

I would love a fast moving, significant sell off right now.

All time highs produce all time low volume and choppiness.

I would get out of the stock market now...

We just never know when the hammer's going to drop, but when it does, watch out.


You ARE out of the stock market.


Another breakout day. Price action has been squeezing and chopping for weeks. Today, April 1 price broke out that long pattern and headed north. We are at a point where price is going to move more forcefully -- Up or Down remains to be seen. But we'll know in a few days.
Right click on the chart -- then click 'view image' -- then magnify.

More Correction! More Correction! More Correction! Please?

My only strategy in day trading is knowing the "code". And that code is 'Buying and Selling' pressure. Period. With that information, I just get onboard and go along for the ride. Today's action grossed 60 points in the S&P emini. For $3,000 per contract gross profit. I don't know ANYBODY who pulls 60 points out of the S&P! NOBODY.
To enlarge, right click on chart. Left click on 'view image'. Then just click the magnifying glass.

More Correction! More Correction! More Correction! Please?

My only strategy in day trading is knowing the "code". And that code is 'Buying and Selling' pressure. Period. With that information, I just get onboard and go along for the ride. Today's action grossed 60 points in the S&P emini. For $3,000 per contract gross profit. I don't know ANYBODY who pulls 60 points out of the S&P! NOBODY.
To enlarge, right click on chart. Left click on 'view image'. Then just click the magnifying glass.

image isn't working for me...

work for anyone else??

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.