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Thailand Currently Overthrowing NWO Stooge Thaksin Shinawatra's Proxy Govt (PM Yingluck sister of Thaksin)

The video clip is Thaksin on the CFR stage. He has had close dealings with folks like James Baker... I think I remember reading this was via a law firm that Baker worked for. I believe Thaksin hired the firm to help him after his ousting.

Prime Minister Yingluck tabled (and it just passes the Senate days ago) a 2 trillion Thai baht loan that would have made Thailand into a debt slave nation for 50 years... An amnesty was also passed that would have granted her brother Thaksin, the former Prime Minister ousted in a Coup in 2006, the freedom to return from self imposed exile... There is mush more going on here than the MSM is BS'ing people with (go figure).

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