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America's Great Spaces

Take 5 minutes, put it on full screen and forget about everything else. I like the clouds at 1:07 ish, they appear so dramatic and slightly moody. Have a good day guys. Or try to at least.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

That was beautiful!

Thank you for that. Sometimes, living in a big, dirty, crowded city like Taipei, with people squeezed into subways like vacuum packed bamboo shoots, scooters parked all over the sidewalk, you forget what a beautiful place Earth is.

Man what a beautiful planet we live on.

And the people on this place! Man.

When the struggle to save oil-soaked birds and restore blackened beaches left him feeling frustrated and helpless, John Francis decided to take a more fundamental and personal stand—he stopped using all forms of motorized transportation. Soon after embarking on this quest that would span two decades and two continents, he took a vow of silence that endured for 17 years. It began as a silent environmental protest, but as a young African-American man, walking across the country in the early 1970s, his idea of "the environment" expanded beyond concern about pollution and loss of habitat to include how we humans treat each other and how we can better communicate and work together to benefit the earth.

Through his silence and walking, he learned to listen, and along the way, earned college and graduate degrees in science and environmental studies. An amazing human-interest story with a vital message, Planetwalker is also an engaging coming-of-age pilgrimage.

jrd3820's picture

Planetwalker 22 years of walking 17 years of silence
22 years of nature and spending the night under stars like these.


Every time that I go outside, day or night, I find myself looking up and yonder to admire the glorious wonders of the sky and the landscape that our planet provides. That is when I wrap myself in thinking, or not thinking, letting nature take its course.

Thank you for sharing this, JRD :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul