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And BitCoin Breaks Through $1,000!

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Will Go Over $1000 This Week: ‘This Is A Classic Bubble’
As Bitcoin’s value continues its ridiculous climb, into the $600s and $700s on popular exchanges, a price forecasting analyst states the obvious, “This is a classic speculative bubble.” Based on its current momentum, he predicts that it may go as high as $1,700 within the week.

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And the FED loves it!

You go, bitcoin!

Just what we all need...a "virtual" currency based on nothing, that nothing is known about, that can be manipulated by a force that no one knows!

It is so much better than a gold-based system that keeps the overlords in check, don't you think?

bitcoin...a FED wet dream.

Buy up, America! Buy into the hope and change of bitcoin.

woo-hoo!!! Bitcoin is $1,000 FRN's! Wtf does that mean?

1 Bitcoin = $1,000?

Yeah, brother, I'll take 10! Ludicrous.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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