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Ron Paul Makes Moderator Look So Stupid!

Remember this? "No, you still don't understand".Lmao

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No less timely then when those words were first spoken.

Timeless Ron Paul. Thanks, I needed a dose of truth from him. Feel better, now.

My favorite moment from the

My favorite moment from the 2012 campaign was when Dr.Paul called Newt a chickenhawk. Lol, now that was priceless.

I once told someone that the

I once told someone that the role of government is to protect our liberties, make sure we have a sound currency, and to protect our boarders. Im not sure with the last one and I was hoping someone can help me. Americans aren't going to protect the boarder for free, so where does the money come from to pay them? taxes? Did the founding fathers think about that? Im just against the use of force, so I need help with this issue. What is the role of government?


The Declaration of Independence tells you what the role is. We are endowed by our creator with unalienable rights and to protect those rights governments are instituted among men. The constitution then goes on to lay out the duties given to protect those rights. Anything not listed as a duty is reserved to the states and people to take care of. Government will only stay within those boundaries if people are self reliant and not morally corrupt.

U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 8

U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 8

U.S. Constitutional Amendment II Covers This.

A well regulated "LOCAL" militia under the control of local Constitutionally minded neighbors who may also be employers or part time employers to local people served the country well for a very long time. Please look up Lawmanjeds daily paul threads.


So its up to the people, if

So its up to the people, if they want to pay the boarder protrol or not? Force wouldnt be necessary, right?

Do You Have To Be Paid To Protect What You Own ?

Lets say you worked hard to have a small wood chip factory that you own out right.
You hire local people to help you.
These people could also be buying land, and stuff they wanted with the money that the chip factory was making.
Wouldn't it be in everyones best interests to protect each other and discourage any hostile strangers from invading your small factory ?
And, why would anyone invade, factory work is hard work ?


Youre so right! Who would

You're so right! Who would invade us? So is boarder protrol even necessary then? I once heard the judge say that he believes in open boarders. What do you think about that?