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Government Employees that are HEROES!

Wow. I can't believe I actually wrote the title of this essay, seen above.
I refer to the PATCO strike of 1981. Air traffic controllers, at the time, and still some of the highest paid government employees there are, withhold their cooperation, and strike against the US government.
What was their goal? contrary to popular belief, it was not more money. The PATCO union believed, as I do, that the flying public has a right to know how thin the ice is, before they skate out onto it.

The air traffic control system, chronically plagued by a number of serious problems, constantly gets a pass from the public, because they like the idea of traveling through the air in pressurized cigar tubes, marinating in other peoples diseases, in a sky filled with similar objects that require human intervention to keep them apart, utilizing antiquated systems (radar, radios, computers...all of poor quality) prone to failure, staffed in less than adequate numbers, by quickly and poorly trained individuals, (the seasoned controllers are forced out at age 56...usually replaced by affirmative action selections) managed by layers and layers of incompetent and megalomaniacal bureaucrats, hell bent on empire building and hiding from accountability. Sorry for the run on sentence, but it describes a run on agency - the FAA. Yes, the agency most responsible for 9-11.

Care to know how, and delve into the reasons why?? Check out the novel- EXIT 13A - A Control Tower Diary. reviewed by Jack Cashill, award winning investigative journalist, he called it "Splendidly incorrect." I promise you will know more about the state of our skyways, how we got here, and how and why the PATCO controllers tried to correct the errors of an out of control government agency.

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Actually, there was a study

Actually, there was a study on people getting sick in regards to airplanes. Suprisingly, more people got sick from external air than from recirculated cabin air. Why this is, isnt really known; or at least it wasnt known at the time, I dont know if they have since found it out.

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