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Glenn Greenwald "The Goal Of The U.S. Government Is To Eliminate ALL Privacy Globally!"

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This reporter

Owned Glenn Greenwald. He is a well respected reporter who has all his facts....bahahahahaha!!! Sorry, I just couldn't say that with a straight face. I've never heard anyone with such quick mental reflexes as Glenn, he is a genius! The government hand puppet started to get angry, which only showed how much Greenwald was getting under his skin. Thanks for posting this.

Glenn Shows Great Restraint

In the face of these gov't mouthpiece pinhead reporters.

I've been censored from watching this video!

"This video is not available in your country"

I wonder why?

Link for UK viewers:


You know, if all the people

You know, if all the people in positions of power had all their privacy removed, I might be willing to accept no privacy.

Bah! That will never happen hahaha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Sounds great to me

Sounds great to me too...except for the fact that whey it happens to politicians and judges than they can be blackmailed and controlled to go along with the nefarious designs of anyone who owns that knowledge of their private shenanigans.

lol. that was great. i like

lol. that was great. i like the end. "we're not the kind of journalists who repeat what government tells us..."

f___ all forms of govt.

Where is YOUR, evidence they

Where is, YOUR evidence that they, ARE telling the TRUTH?
That is a two way street

Hence the need for investigative REAL journalism to make that distinction, NOT to bias-ly assume one or the other, IT IS A FAIL SAFE, IT IS COMMON SENSE.....people who fight this CREATE the very suspicion they claim should not be there, its not about laying blame, is about making sure the "truth" is the truth, not blindly following hitler because he SAYS he is doing good, as many germans who followed him beleived, IS this progress, is this something new, or is history repeating itself........do not "ask" me not to speak up, do not "ask" me to give them blind trust, do not "ask" me to ignore my fears, and finally do not force me, when you realise "asking me" is not working


Everyone that has interviewed him thus far has had the same M.O. Forcibly direct the conversation into only speculation and defense of his position. Never does 10 seconds of the actual stories he's written makes it on air.

What they are doing is clear as day.

I would hope that Glenn would take command of the conversation and stop this nonsense speculate/defend diversion set about by the hosts.

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Glenn, good. Interviewer, bad. Video, good.

This british interviewer reminds me of Piers Morgan.

His words are slippery and he appears to be trying to corner his guest into arbitrary corners.

The interviewer confuses both audience and guest with simple words like "you"; meaning "not-you" but other people. Uhhg.

Greenwald later threatens to end the interview due to the interviewer's conduct. Things then get more pleasant for a few minutes, then the interview is over.

Greenwald is no punching bag.

He does a show where he

He does a show where he interviews folks and "hardtalks" with them, funnily enough, its called hardtalk, its funny, sounds like a name one might use the explain the hardtalk in FAVOUR of government, no, its not bias, were just "hardtalking" over here, look we have a very serious face presenter, who is totaly obviously impartial, its just hardtalk man, come on, believe me man, its just hardtalk /s

Incase that wasnt clear i dont like this presenter fella, ive seen some of his interviews and those ive seen ive REALLY not liked, obviously bias, and his arguments express that, hence he'll likely never ask the questions that should ALSO be asked, one sides view, with onsides concerns, when the the other side is just fighting to be HEARD for christ sake, we're not asking to dominate you the way you dominate us by force, just to be HEARD dammit, anf let folks decide their own mind up, without that being influenced by outside sources, in silencing the other side, so that your options are the only things on the table, put ALL the cards on the table, then let people DECIDE

that was a joy to see, seing someone the likes of glenn up against mr im number one

Another great freedom fighter. Thanksgiving for Glenn!

It is people like Mr. Greenwald that make me ashamed to do so little. What a spokesman for Liberty! Glenn ranks right up there with Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano.

Thanks for posting this important interview.

Thank DeMolay ROTFLMAO

Happy Thanksgiving.. LOL Ron Paul ws censored.. how wonderful that GG is able to speak freely, eh? Must be wonderful to have all that information and be on TV all the time. A real "as the World Turns".

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Because individuals have enormous power!


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

I'm always awed by Glenn's

I'm always awed by Glenn's focus, his clear articulation listening to his comprehensive command of the language and his craft of distinctive communication.I felt the interviewer was on a doomed fishing expedition clearly meant to try and discredit or trip up Greenwald. I understand that GG is ready to go global with his new associates. I just pray that he and Jeremy Scahill et al do not become entrapped, absorbed or politicized into a newer corporate reality much like the example given in the interview of the establishment's "mouthpiece"...Bob Woodward. We need these champions of truth; their bravery; their experience and their skills.

I too am awed

It's as if there is not an original word out of his mouth.. it's all parts of quotes from popular politicians cobbled together to give a smart sounding answer.. but what is he really saying? He' not running for office, so his opinion is not answering the question, but merely giving sountract that he knows from polls is popular among his support base.

I think Greenwald is responding

to the subtext of the questions with expositions of why we have a free press. It's pretty basic. What is his aim, if he is insincere?

I posted below

what I believe the aim to be.

Why is Greenwald all over the news but Ron Paul was censored?

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Greenwald possesses top secret documents that RP wasn't privy to

The few people in Congress that did know were sworn to secrecy. Greenwald has the secrets of the world in his possession, secrets that Ron Paul never even knew existed.


two years worth of MSM entertainment!

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Yup, with the government reduced to audience participants only.

The government has to watch the drama unfold with the rest of us. At this point, the more secrets that are disclosed the better.

The Drama.. exactly

The day greenwals refeals anything that I didn't know about I'll join you in cheering him.

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Rumors and conspiracy theories have become facts, once more.

We may have heard about this, but we would be called kooks for saying it without proof. Snowden and Greenwald have made this information a reality. It's official, this is a conspiracy theory no more.


long before the net I had subscriptions to "conspiracy" magazines. I LOVE conspiracy theory.. the book by Robert Anton Wilson and Rabert Shea got me really into it, The Illuminatus".. and since then. I have to say, when you've experienced first class conspiracy theory.. the kind that makes you question what you believe for real.. others, like 911 and Snowden.. well inside job.. what conspircy isn't eh? Is that all you got? But it's good enough for you. Shame really.

Now what is conspiracy theory no more? How many prisoners on the war on drugs that it was used against is it releasing? NOT A UCKING ONE OF THEM.. and that's why to me, all this bruhaha is entertaionment.. two more years worth. Yea!!!! <- color me purple :D

So Granger,

I take it you were upset when Snowden released information proving the director of the NSA was caught in lies to congress?

Yes or No?



No, actually, I'm still trying to see what Snowden said that anyone on DP didn't allready KNOW FOR A FACT!

Would love to see an indictment of the NSA director, but indictments don't seem to be part of the Snowden Greenwald program.

Well, hey, we have two more years of leaks.. no news of any indictments at all.. I guess those who think Snowden and Greenwald are heros are not seeking justice, but just being confirmed what everyone on DP knew for years (if not decades) and why so many supported Ron Paul to begin with.

Your attempt,

to mindset that we all knew and was submissive of the full scope of this crime is a failure.
Many of us here, suspected but without the proof.

The good impact about the information being released is that EVEN THE MOST BRAINWASHED AND FOOLISH PEOPLE IN THE MASSES HEARD AND UNDERSTOOD!
You can't downplay this,,, It's out of the bag!!!



proof for what? You have proof.. NOW WHAT?

Out of the bag for what????

No arrests? No indictments? Just proof for NOTHING,, or whait,.. no it's proof for your own entertainment. Well right on BE ENTERTAINED.


did you get that part?

Or are you "extra special"


So what?

It's like someone says.. "There's a fire". And no one cares, no one looks.. and then someone confirms there's a fire.. so now we all know there is a fire.

Let's remain seated for the next two years and wait for more MSM reports from Snowden/GG on the fire (which I see getting bigger) and you say, "NOW WE KNOW THERE IS A FIRE AND SNOWDEN AND GREENWALD ARE HEROS".


Burn baby burn.

Ah, I think I see, you're making

the judgement because he is on, and given a platform.

RP was censored as a candidate when he was a threat, I'm with you there. I've always thought he gets pretty good face time, considering the message, but maybe I'm skewed by seeing most of them posted here.

I think they're still trying to fight the public perception battle. There's disgust at the NSA, but no one is doing anything about it.