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Mike Tyson On Obama: "I Don't Know How Much You Gotta Be A Brown Noser To Be A President.”

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http://youtu.be/srMRsJJ6-Lc I


I thought I would embed the working video. Mine as well as others have problems watching videos directly from YouTube since recent updates to Flash player.

Embeds seem to run with no problems.

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Link dead, here's a new one.


Very interesting interview, most don't give Tyson enough credit. He is a good man, trying to work things out the best he can in this crazy world. And for all the jibes he cops, he is still more knowledgable and thoughtful than your average joe.

I thought Tyson was going to respond,

"Dat ni@@a done stuck us black folk up!
Mutha' F-u-kk-a!
He need a good a-s-s whoopin'!"
He was very diplomatic to his credit albeit a little racist.

What struck me was...

...(and I do not follow the MSM news at all) that he acknowledged AND Piers didn't argue the point, that Obamacare is a complete and utter failure. That the president lied repeatedly to the people and that it's a foregone conclusion that it's not going to work.

Of course, we at the DP who understand that socialism ALWAYS fails and ALWAYS is vastly inferior to true free markets know that, but to hear a obvious fairly ignorant man (in Tyson) of how economics works admit that this socialistic plan (Obamacare) is a failure tells me that even the MSM is not able to provide cover for the lies of Obama and the transparent failure of Obamacare.

Naturally, the gov't will say, "Trust us, we have yet ANOTHER plan that WILL work," and millions like Mike will go along with it, instead of simply accepting the risk and responsibility that comes with freedom.

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So happy for him

in that he was finally able to go to a speech therapist. I finally can understand him. :)

..I would only knock peope out who

I was robbing....outrageous to hit a woman (Robin Givens)...street thug and bully. Way to go CNN and Morgan...Great role model.

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Loved how that sack of shit, Morgan, thought he was going to parade a black guy on his show to further his union jack agenda.

But Tyson's a far better role model than say for example, Obama.

You need context for that statement. He was a thug who made it big and realized how he was used. He's been humbled by pride publicly. If you listen to his post-career interviews he's a very thoughtful, sincere, respectful and dedicated man.

This coming from someone who doesn't like or watch sports.

Watch 'Tyson' to get a picture of what I'm talking about.


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Robin Givens was a liar. He's Mike Tyson, once heavy weight champion of the world. If he had beaten her she would have had an extended holiday at a local hospital.

I have known women who were really abused, by much lesser men. They don't whine to the media, they spend time in the hospital and when they are smart they go into hiding.

Just because a woman claims "abuse" or "rape" does not make it true.

(On an aside, about 10 years ago I met Robin Givens in a piano bar in Miami... With her douche bag boyfriend at the time who was apparently a syndication sales guy).

As for the rest, he has admitted to his past transgressions in his youth and has worked to overcome them and found his own version of "god".

Tyson is flawed, but to ignore all that he has overcome and how he worked to reshape himself isn't, IMO, a fair judgement of the man.

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Great response. I get so

Great response. I get so tired of seeing so many people on a liberty based site by default jump to defend women before thinking about situations simply because they want defend women. I know it is soooo hard to belive but women have been known to lie, knowing that cops and courts will always take a woman's word over a man's word.

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First time

I've ever heard him really speak and I thought he did pretty well.. sidestepped pm's more "loaded" questions and seemed to get out what he wanted to say. Everything being equal, I liked him.

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