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How Iranians View America

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Would like to see them make an hour long clip like this

Where they pull average working class Israelis and Iranians to discuss these things in a group forum.

The wool would be quickly pulled from American eyes.

Little known fact: Iran has the second largest Jewish population in the middle east.

Thanks for the sharing the clip, ProudAF.

yes, a lot has changed in 6-7 years--

I wonder how many people anywhere are happy with their governments?

And . . . there is certainly a lot of poverty in the U.S.--

anyone else noticing the inflation?

Dr. Paul warned about it, but few people ever bring it up--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

the whole system is built to

the whole system is built to fail, unless you take away life, liberty and happiness from the equation, the slave trade wasnt estinguished, it evolved, and without folks taking the spirit of the constitution seriously, it will continue to evolve, working gives us a means to aquire things we may not have or have an inclination to produce, it gives other people means to create things that others will spend what they aquire from work to buy, yet others will use this to control the lives of people, which is why it is built to fail for the individual, if we end up giving up on what things like the constition represents

This wont turn into a world of freedom, it'll turn into a world of 24/7 hour "employees" and "employers" with no time to think of thoughts of life, liberty, and happiness, we cant let that happen, we cant let that side be forgotten in the work area, the most pervasive thing in MANY peoples lives, think about that, what is the one common thing, many many nations, we shouldnt give it a free pass because of its global benefits, while ignoring its not so beneficial sides, if i were in a position, and had the inclination, and wanted to effect many many people, well, i cant do any better then to "influence" something that those people all share, their actions towards the internet being an anology to that

Self confessions of a passing thought

nice but why didn't you add the date of the show?

Sep 13, 2007. helps to put it in perspective that this was over 6 years ago.


Are you suggesting it's different now? If so, how?

It is different now

1. Iran has a new leader the western world is eager to begin business and are turning 180 degrees on the BIG issues like nukes (as the world turns way from nuclear energy due to Fukashima and Iran is Earthquake prone, why is anyone supporting Iran having nuclear power/ one can supports Iran's right to sovreignity and still protest nukes.. it only validates the hundreds of thousands if not miilions of nuclear warheads hidden in Israel.

2. Assad has sold out Syria in a civil war to the UN and Russia, who wants Iranian oil to have safe passage from Iran to the port in Syria.

3. The Arab Spring has changed the leadership of neighboring countries, sans Saudi Arabis, and Turkey who are beginning stronger relations with India and China.

3. USA is under Obama administration, not the Bush administration.

I did

consider it, but in light of what is happening now, I did not want others to gloss over it due to age.

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