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How to Open a Can without Can Opener - Zombie Survival Tips #20

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If you didn't make this video, it is not a DP Original


Thanks for your understanding and future cooperation.

He's the man.

Guess What

"Cat gonna survive too". LOL!


is the accent awesome or what?

Anybody know how to open a wine bottle without a cork screw?

Had that problem yesterday.

Get this

French army knife:


And never be without it.

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Unless you want to


I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Quick with your blade!

Pen knife blade comes in handy because it's skinny. Corks, being a product of trees, have ring layers.

Point the tip of your pen blade straight down on the cork so your blade is parallel with these layers which you will see as stripes on the cork end and being to apply pressure while rocking the blade back and forth parallel with the blade (and stripes).

By rocking or working the blade in, you don't apply so much pressure as to dislodge the cork and send it down into the bottle.

After you have your blade inserted at least an inch, more like 1.25" you can begin to gently rotate the bottle. The cork will start to spin. Now as you are spinning the bottle, start evenly and gently drawing (pulling) the cork out.

As the shoulders of the cork emerge from the bottle, wrap your pinkey around in and squeeze to keep it from fragmenting as you continue to rotate and draw. Boop!

It's even easier with the cheap rubber corks.

Bon guzzling!

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Drive two nails into the cork,( quite close together)

as far down as you can without putting cork or nail tips into wine.(do this carefully as you don't want to push the cork further into the bottle)
Place a (largish) screwdriver or rigid knife horizontally between the nails and gently work the cork free. (works most of the time)



Good Info !



military P38

$.99 attach to key chain.

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lol, saw the title, knew it'd be the Russian homeboi!

LOVE that channel!

thanks for posting.0)

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