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Felony Friday: Caught On Tape, Mississippi Sheriff Kicks Handcuffed Man In The Groin Twice

{Update: This article has been updated to reflect an error brought to our attention. The sheriff referenced in this article is from the state of Mississippi, the original article said Alabama. We apologize for the error.}

On the latest episode of “Sheriffs Gone Wild” we turn our attention to the state of Mississippi. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd is facing some serious federal and state charges.

The Sun Herald reports that Sheriff Mike Byrd is facing a federal charge that he knowingly engaged in misleading conduct. The crime itself is punishable by up to twenty years in the slammer and a fine of $250,000, according to court records.

The federal charges stem from his ordering the destruction of patrol car dashboard camera footage that showed him kicking an arrested man, John Mark Stahl, in the groin twice.

Stahl had been arrested for stealing a deputy’s patrol car. Certainly, Stahl’s theft of property should not go unpunished, but Byrd’s reaction was wrong. If the kick wasn’t enough, Stahl claims that Byrd threatened him with life imprisonment for embarrassing him, his office, and his officers.

But wait, there’s more! Court records also say that Byrd called an information technologist to wipe his hard drive clean by drilling a hole through the old one and replacing it with a new drive. This man obviously has a lot more to hide than a kick to the nuts!

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What a surprise

No charges specifically for the assault.

Though I do find it hilarious they went through all the trouble of destroying a hard drive to get rid of emails. As soon as they put the new one in and Outlook resynched, obviously they reappeared on the computer. You don't need to be an IT expert to know that.

Some may find this


And I'm sure this happens regularly every day, there's just usually no one around to document it.


not to be confused with a swift kick to the nuts

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Best bump,

Best bump line since I've been here on DP Hahahahahaha!