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What If Our Premature Nobel Laureate President is Having a '63-Style Kennedy Moment?

"Is a war-weary Obama suddenly starting to channel the '63 JFK?"

A Pre-Conspiracy Theory

"I’m going to engage here in a thought experiment which may make some readers a little queasy, but bear with me."



This is an interesting, well written short article that makes a very important point about president Obama. His recent actions regarding Syria and Iran are surprising to say the least.

The one thing the author forgot to mention about Syria was the massive public outcry over another war. Close to 90% of the American people were against it. War in Syria was politically toxic.

But what just happened with Iran was dare I say, something Ron Paul would do. Lift economic sanctions? Let Iran develop nuclear power, not weapons? No war?

What's going on here?

Related article:


That appears to be one lingering sticking point between the two countries. Immediately after the deal was announced, Iranian officials were claiming that the agreement both recognized their right to enrich uranium and took military force off the table.

Speaking on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry disputed both claims, calling them "not accurate."

A White House official said Wednesday that the United States does not recognize a "right to enrich," but President Obama does think the Iranian people "should have access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."


Did he really just say that? I agree with that waffle of a political statement. I think this means the old media's love affair with the president is officially over.

Welcome to the Daily Paul, Mr. President!

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I doubt that the emperor is truly going

anti-war. But even our imperial overlords know that they cannot mess with the entire world all the time. Attention is being turned further to the east with a resurgent China and Russia. I could be wrong, but I am suspecting just a re-focus, and nothing more.

Meanwhile as Fukashima spews radiation

and Iran is located on earthquake terra.. while I can understand and support a nation doing what it deems best for it's existance, I admit that I have a hard time saying, "Iran having nuclear anything is great!" Maybe it's the radiation spewing from Fukashima dulling my ability to understand why Iran having nukes is great?

What good has it done us?


You have got to be kidding us.
Your talking about President Obama...
The one who bombed Libya without as his Sec Def said: "No threat to American security".... not to mention NO Congressional authorization?!?!
The one who ramped up troops in Afghanistan?
The one who was ready to go to war with Syria until the public went hoarse telling him "NO"?
The President who is still maintaining hundreds of military bases all over the world and adding to them?????
The President who says it is better to keep detainees indefinately on board moving naval ships than at a prison or naval base??????
The President who spent his youth immersed in Islam who is suddenly shockingly more supportive of Islam than western freedoms????
The President who is arming Alqada factions all over the middle east????
The President who is all to happy to admit on T.V. to killing American Citizens through Executive order?!?!?!?
The President who issues executive orders to remove American 2nd Amendment rights while arming Cartels in Mexico and Islamist women beaters all over the world???
The President who has shoved our still breathing (barely) still kicking constitution and bill of rights down his Collectivist throat?????
The President that locked up a small time American video producer in order to placate Collectivist stoners of women in Bengazzi, etc, etc, etc.....
If he were like Ron Paul then he would have the brass to say publicly: "Iran is none of damn our business - Sucks to be them if they piss off Israel"... "Now let's build some McDonalds and Walmarts in Tehran!!!".
WTF. Where did you come from? Pennsylvania Ave???

I totally agree with you, but

I totally agree with you, but did you read the full article?

Much of what you said was already mentioned on the last page.


"Still, as we re-examine the old evidence and look at new evidence that strongly suggests President Kennedy was murdered by a cabal of warmongers within the bureaucracy because he had decided to seek peace instead of endless war, it is worth considering whether this current president, fifty years on, may have decided, midway into his second term, to attempt the same thing."


It is worth considering. WHY did Obama just give Iran a nuclear get out of jail for free card?

Netanyahu was not pleased. The Bill Kristol's of the world were not pleased.


"U.S. and Israeli hawks are rushing to call the interim nuclear agreement a capitulation and Obama another Chamberlain. It’s another sign the doomsayers don’t know their history.

Within hours of the Obama administration’s interim nuclear deal with Iran, Bill Kristol was already invoking Munich. Benjamin Netanyahu’s minions have been doing so for months."


JFK was all on board up until the end. He praised the United Nations, spoke highly about the idea of, 'International Law,' and actually supported the Vietnam War - at first.


John F. Kennedy authorized the expansion of America's military participation in the Vietnam War.


At first he was for it, now he's against it.

Good Lord, I know how that feels. I used to be a democrat for God's sake.

Did Obama change his mind and grow a pair?

The recent nuclear agreement with Iran has all of us scratching our heads wondering why Obama has done such a thing.

Economic sanctions have been lifted off of Iran, and they are now able to freely produce nuclear power for peaceful energy purposes?


The Western State Run Media is downplaying this most significant event, which is odd because the always loved kissing Obama's ass.

Now they're silent and don't know what to do with themselves.

No war in Iran? No more economic sanctions?

What's going on with Barry?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I understand your point.

But my mind keeps returning to Obama in the debates stating he would be happy to meet and talk with Iranian leaders, so this is not a change of heart. I think it is more closely related to his relationship with Islam vs. Israel while growing up in Indonesia.
I see nothing here to indicate a changing mindset regarding centralized global planning. Obama will continue to use the full might of the U.S. military when he and the U.N. think it's warranted.

The mechanics of a puppet -

What you see is the mechanism of global image taking effect. If Putin had not seen a method of leverage against the West in taking control of the situation with Syria I have no doubt it would have been a replay of Libya.

I can remember trying to argue in favor of Dr. Paul last year with a coworker - his main argument against Ron's policies stemmed from the American image that is required for a nation "setting the example" of global strength and leadership. He would not vote for someone who wanted to withdraw American power from the global front or damage the image of empire he thought "we had a responsibility to uphold". Image is the only indication of power.

It would stand to reason that the puppet would do anything to win the audience's approval, especially now. The big difference is that the puppet - speaking on behalf of the hysteria and fear used to control his audience - will never see fit to withdraw military hostilities from the region around Iran. Just remove the sanctions - it's what Putin would do, and he did usurp the image of "controlling authority" from the US with regard to Syria. That looked far worse to the global audience than even the NSA scandal, which was "Bush's fault". The successful puppet always has to know how to play to its audience - that should actually read puppeteer.

Well said.

Well said.

Huh? Sanctions against iran were all lifted?

? Newz to me if so

Ron Paul's Speech Against

Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012.


Fast forward to late 2013...

Is Obama taking a page out of Ron Paul's playbook?


U.S. and fellow world powers reach deal with Iran

The agreement calls for Iran to stop its production of near-weapons grade nuclear fuel—which is uranium enriched to 20% purity — and for the removal of Tehran’s stockpile of the fissile material, which is estimated to be nearly enough to produce one nuclear bomb.

Iran, in return, will gain relief from Western economic sanctions that U.S. officials believe will provide between $6 billion and $7 billion in badly needed foreign exchange for Tehran over the next half-year.


If Ron Paul were president and reached the same deal with Iran, we'd all be praising him today.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


nothing like Yosama.
Damn I love Ron Paul.

I hope he does have a 63

I hope he does have a 63 Kennedy moment soon. Does he have any travel plans to Dallas soon?


That would make BIDEN the POTUS . . .

No thank you. Let him finish his term.

jrd3820's picture

You hope for someone's death?


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

That is so not right. Have

That is so not right. Have some class.

Be careful of what you hope and wish for. Think first.

The political ramifications would be our worst nightmare come true.

All rifles and shotguns would instantly be demonized. Oswald didn't do it, the gun did. Get it?

Ever think about that?

Anyone who truly hates the 2nd Amendment would agree with you.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Dallas plans...

Now that's funny :-)

jrd3820's picture

The murder of another human being is funny?

For real?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Murder, no.

I would however like to see him found guilty of treason and hanged by the neck until dead! And it should be televised! I am sure there are a great number of the elected that should suffer the same fate!

Formerly rprevolutionist

jrd3820's picture

Yes! Televised Hangings!

How civilized.

Then the next group of officials that gets in does the same thing because they are all controlled by higher powers anyways so we should hang them on national television also. And the ones after that and the ones after that and how many televised hangings will we watch as a nation before we become numb to it?

Before it becomes a sporting event where people gamble on how long it will take for someone to struggle for their last breath of air?
Violence won’t solve anything. Warming hearts and opening minds might, but violence definitely won’t.

Celebrating death of anyone confuses me.
‘Gather round children, it’s time to watch the weekly hangings, honey don’t forget to grab the popcorn.’

I don’t what is worth cheering about there.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

No it's not, it's quite

No it's not, it's quite stupid if you think about it.

How would the modern day media react?

How would the government react?

How would the American people react after watching endless hours of media programming?

When they come knocking on your door for the rifle you purchased 10 years ago, let me know if you still think the idea of killing a human being is funny.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


If the "American people" react that way, then,... they deserve their damn Dictatorship.
Hallelujah... where's the Tylenol???