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American Justice: On Acid

I followed this story in the Austin American Statesman when I lived in Austin 20+ years ago. I knew it was ludicrous then. Just reading the reports during the investigation & trial read like the Salem witch trials. Any sane adult would consider it laughable if it were not so officially serious... official mass insanity. Unbelievably they were convicted. Two Austin policemen were almost caught up in it as well. The Prosecution claimed that parents would drop off the children at the daycare's front door and they would then be wisked out the back door to a small airport then flown to some such place (no evidence from flight plans of course) to dig up corpses (no reports of grave robbing) and participate in satanic rituals. All this on the testimony of a FIVE YEAR OLD that had been hypnotized & clearly even I could say "coached". Now here's the almost final result (21 years later) of a justice system on acid.

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Hate to admit this -

I hate to admit it, but I would honestly like to see a huge lawsuit levied against the state of Texas over this, something to the tune of millions.

Twenty One Years

taken right out of the middle of your life... a good decent life. It ought to be worth something.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.