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US govt caught using pirated software for military; Fines itself 50 million. (to be paid by taxpayers)

What a racket. All these fines that corporations and government agencies are continuing to send back and forth is just another creative way to steal money from a population where 90% still don't know a thing about whats really going on. Hell, what bank would care if it had to pay a fine for anything? All they have to do is wait for their next monthly donation of free money from the Fed to then "pay their fines". I'm pretty sure the 50 mil of taxpayer money being electronically deposited into the account of Apptricity will have 1/2 that money being "donated" to criminals in our government in positions of power.

The Obama administration has agreed to pay Apptricity US$50 million for pirating the company’s logistics software the US Army used beyond contracted parameters.

While the Obama administration’s has launched efforts against intellectual property theft - including the Joint Strategic Plan run by Vice President Joe Biden that aims to curb copyright infringement - the US Army was concurrently using pirated Apptricity enterprise software that manages troop and supply movements. The company sued the government, accusing the US military of willful copyright infringement.

The Administration settled with the company, it was recently announced, agreeing to pay US$50 million, though Apptricity originally called for over four times that amount to cover unpaid licenses, TorrentFreak reported.