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Vanilla Sky Movie

Warning... If you haven't watched the movie. Do not read this and check it out for yourself because you will be spoiled.

I know I might be late to this but a few weeks ago my friend introduced me to a movie called Vanilla Sky. He recommended the movie because we was talking about life after death. I told him, me being Christian makes me think it goes against God trying to live forever.

He then handed me Vanilla Sky and dang I was mind blown. This had to have been one of the best movies I have ever watched. The whole idea of dying and being able to live on through your dreams had me really interested. Since my dreams some times are better than real life itself.

The end was insane. Being frozen for hundreds of years and then being able to wake back up from being dead. I thought this movie fantastic. I am surprised I missed this.

What do you guys think about the movie and the whole idea of living in a lucid dream?

Do you think it goes against God? I some times think that it might just be Heaven. We live on through our minds..... And yeah I know Tom Cruise is a Scientologist.

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I'm not

big on Tom Cruise either, In fact the only movies I liked from him was Vanilla Sky, Oblivion and Eyes Wide Shut.

My sister said the same thing you did. She couldn't make it half way The movie was kinda a mind game and confused people. I suggest you give it another shot.

You didn't like him in

You didn't like him in Mission Impossible or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Born on the Fourth of July? War of the Worlds? Minority Report? Risky Business? Tropic Thunder? Knight and Day?

I think he's made more than a few good movies. At least he seems genuinely concerned about trying to make the best movie he can. In fact, there are a lot of very dedicated people in the movie business.

Not really

I'm not into those action pack movies. I do like the Bruce Willis ones though. War of the Worlds was kinda corny to me. The whole alien thing is getting old to me.

I never saw

Knight and Day
Minority Report
Risky Business.

Tropic Thunder was ok.... It was funny but I only watched it once so it must have not been that funny to me.

Something about Jack Black that makes me dislike the movies he is in.

You ever see "A Few Good Men"?

He's great in that movie. Minority Report is really good as well, great story and a great movie. Two of my favorite movies.

Yeah I saw it

and that was a great movie.

No one lives forever, not

No one lives forever, not even the really long lived.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I'll check it out