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Excellent Obama Lies Compilation! Not just Obamacare lies...all his lies. (and he's still in office?)

Not just lies, BOLD FACE LIES! and Americans are unable to hold him accountable in any way. Sad, very sad.



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Can someone play this like in a big crowd expecting a different

video. Oops, lol. It's unlike me to advocate such a thing, but man wouldn't that be priceless, another viral video for sure on the reaction. Awesome compilation!!


kind people rock

nobama surpasses hitler in lies

nobama has got to be one of the biggest liars not only in american history but of human history. he's right up there if not surpasses hitler. who in there right mind would vote for this narcissistic turd in a blanket. i just can't explain it. but blame it on the hackable electronic voting machines. all you scumbags in congress want communism move to north korea,russia,vetnam,china,etc... get the hell out of my country. congress you're a joke with no backbone.

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These lies are so blatant that they are not even funny.

They are fodder for the sheeple.

Now the question is, did

Now the question is, did obama mean it the first time, and did becoming president do ......something,.....or did he lie

And then theres the elephant in the room, did not ron paul run in the 2008 elections, seems like alot of what obama promised originaly are the thing i now know today that ron paul is saying, but i was not there for the 2008 elections.....did ron paul run on the same things he runs today, and if so, i sure hell would like it if someone did another historical video of ron paul promising them and obama promising them, and i would very muh like to see the dates up there on video in bold letters

Did obama say those things because of ron paul, or did the presidency change him?

Good video clips... Poorly executed

Hope someone can re-edit these clips into a more cohesive narrative exposing Obamas campaign lies. Ben Swann should be focusing on a piece like this, IMO.

I have to agree. It's a great

I have to agree. It's a great idea, but I had to stop after 4 minutes because it was just all over the place. I thought it was going to show earlier clips, and then later clips where he breaks his promise or reverses his stance. It just jumped around instead of simply showing each promise and where he broke it, one at a time.

August 5 2011 - When everyone was hailing collapse 2.0

I was quietly, with precision, saying the S&P would exceed 1375

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This chart made me smile...

because it finally helped me to figure it out.

I realize now that you can take a line and plot it from ANY two points on a chart like this and make a case for it!

This is fantasy economics here.
The hype is all about the complexity of the system.
Its not complex. Its a house of cards built on prining money out of nothing and propping up a facade.

Close your eyes and think rationally. This "thing", this corporate frankenstein is failing. The fed can only prop it up for so long before it goes, "POOF".

The fed philosophy is, "Money for nothing and chicks for free" and there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch (or a free chick) and money can NOT be made from nothing. How does that work?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I'm glad you smiled ecorob

But FYI, Money IS made from nothing.
It gets it's value from "agreement" between two or more parties.
Even gold get's it's value from "agreement" between two or more parties.

The only thing that obama left out was:

"I'm running for office, for pete's sake."

obama and romney are mere twins. It would have made NO difference who "won" the election. I still run into republicans who truly believe that our Republic would have been restored under mitt.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Or Pelosie saying, if you want to know what's in the bill

you have to vote for the bill. I don't recall that bill posted on C-Span 5 days prior.

You couldn't have

Spoke for me any better thanks