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Washington Post Op-Ed Calling For The United States To End Presidential Term Limits To Allow Obama To Run Again In 2016

"As President Obama faces a small revolt within his own party, a Washington Post op-ed is calling for the United States to end presidential term limits and allow him to run again in 2016."

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Does it matter?

Does it matter who they get to stand in front of the TelePrompTer? Even if you were a state fetishizing liberal BHO fan, it wouldn't matter if you just elect another guy and not go through the hassle of changing the constitution and making the opposition complain.

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Because there actual;ly is a differenmce between coke and pepsi.. corporations "win and lose" in elections.. and by giving the corporations who are closest to the president more time than 8 years, we mught as well go communist.. settle for coke or pepsi, but no way to have both as Obama is all about the givernment owning business

Just another way for liberals to take

a dump on the constitution.

Do you want to make me barf?

I feel sick to my stomach, having read this. Better to term limit every congressperson and senator than release the president from limits. Just the opposite would have been a well received op-ed.

So the Rothschild owned media has been told

that we do not need to have new puppets every 8 years. Perhaps this is to prepare us to accept the one worold Rothschild emperior. I bet these rats are so blind from hiding in the shadows hiring murders, liars, and theives to do their bidding that they can never stand the light.

I can only say that ol brit/ausie term, Owners/controlers of the Washington Post PISS OFF!


So predictable...

This has long been speculated upon, rumored and suspected in many corners...

Now they are testing the waters...

Let them know we know what they are up to...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

It it weren't so Sad

it would be funny.

They should title the article:

"If you like your president, you can keep him"

Oh that is too funny!


Big deal. It's an Op Ed.


Didn't Amazon owner just buy

Didn't Amazon owner just buy this newspaper?

We seem to have a number of billionaires that ride the wave and then fund this kind of crap under the guise of free press. We get billionaires that go off on a Eugenics rant and play god under the guise of philanthropy. We get others that take part in elitism and yet force social engineering on the rest. Is it all by design?
I mean, you hear a lot about centralized world government, banking, and we see the corporatism and the media lies.
This is an ed op from the Washington Post?
As if the current agenda isn't bad enough....

Be Your Own Media!!!

There seems to be

a seismic shift going on within Big Media at the moment. Hmmmmm!

I don't think I have ever agreed

with a WaPo editorial

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

I heard the WP was formerly

I heard the WP was formerly owned by the Moonies and were a front for the CIA. It's amazing what you hear out there. I guess you just got to follow the money.
I mean if someone is trying to lead you down a path that bad...you have to wonder why. I had that happen in the streets of Atlanta. Needless to say I had enough sense to not go down that path. I knew what would likely await me around the corner.

Be Your Own Media!!!

you are thinking of the Washington Times

They are owned by the Moonies. The Washington Post is the alleged CIA front. Both papers are propaganda tools for the State.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

You should listen

to this interview with Texe Marrs on the Jeff Rense show, because he lays the scenario of how this could 'easily' transpire. Remember, we don't have two separate parties, we have 'one'Corporate Collective, so anything is possible. It's all about the Bankster/Wall Street/Corporate profits, and since, they have made more profit under Obammy, they may try to push for this to happen. We know they can rig the polls and especailly the electronic voting machines. The only chance would be an all out assault to force hand counted 'open elections'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu4MFz2ToTA

Washington Post owns ...

... Kaplan Eduction. President of Kaplan is Tom Leppert.

Leppert was mayor of Dallas and, before that, CEO of Turner Contruction, with HQ in the World Trade Center towers.

Turner was the company that did the "fireproofing upgrades" on the floors where the planes hit in the months before 9/11. Turner also led the cleanup operation after 9/11.

Leppert is also Dallas CFR.


Remember, Washington Post ...

... is CIA all the way.

They put up this trial balloon with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now Obama.

Of course, they want to repeal that amendment. You can't have a good dictatorship with term limits, can you?

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Comment posted for the sheeple over there.

You can vote in a dictatorship,but there is only one choice.
You can vote in a democracy, but there are only two choices.
The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is only one vote.
Neither alternative is acceptable. Both are trash.
We live in a Republic, not a democracy and hopefully not a dictatorship.

The Paper of Treason

Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington post
- by Deborah Davis


When the first edition of Katharine the Great was published, Katharine Graham had it pulled from the bookstores and pulped. But Deborah Davis sued the publishers for censoring her book, and won. Now this new, updated edition goes beyond Watergate all the way through Contragate, and shows how the Washington Post has changed during the Reagan-Bush years.


Perpetual executive positions are a good idea?

What?!? No, no, no, no...