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Jesuit Pope Says "Prince of This World" is Against God & Says Christians Will Be Persecuted in End Times


Update: Analysis of the article by Alan Lamont:

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Question for Granger and FrankOff

Do either of you see the Pope as the Vicar of Christ? Christ's living representative on earth.

answer for base

vicar vic·ar
noun: vicar; plural noun: vicars
1. (in the Roman Catholic Church) a representative or deputy of a bishop.

Thanks Granger

But I wasn't asking for a definition off an internet dictionary.

Please reread the question.

the definition I provided you

Is from a Catholic dictionary.. IOWs it's not just how I see the vicor of Christ, but most Catholics, definately the clergy, who see him as the apostlic head iof THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, Bishops, like a commander in chief who's job is to make sure there is a Church until the Mesiah returns.

If you search, "vicor of christ" on wiki, you'll see where your suggestion, that the Pope has the audacity and profound sin of declaring hiomself God, and Catholics believe he is God, is conspiracy theory.. maybe you need to be fighting wiki rather than the Catholics you are against here?


you got it, granger. Notice the link I posted, Contemplative Outreach, it is an inter-religious organization that is working to find common ground for all Christians. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the Christian community that contributes to the rampant bigotry.

Nice link

I admire and appreciate genuine efforts at peace, which the site you shared does well. We have a Christian Women's Luncheon where the Christian/Catholic women get together and it's very healing, not just for the self, but the community. Thank you for sharing that site FrankOff.

The word vicar in the Catholic church has a long

history. I believe the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church. He is not Christ, he is not God. He is also not the ultimate boss. That would be Christ. There is lots of history and debate over the use of the word vicar. I suggest you explore this.

Thanks FrankOff

I was raised Catholic and never heard of the Vicar Of Christ in my teaching either.

However, if you study the Reformation you will find that respect for the Individual/Personal Property rights/and Personal Responsibility comes from centuries of people reading the Word of God for themselves. That is where YOUR freedom comes from.

Notice that Protestant countries are the most free, as well as the most peaceful, America that was formed on those values.

Notice also that Predominately Catholic countries are poor/enslaved, while the 'church' is full of wealth. (Is that the message of Christ?)

I won't 'suggest' you explore this as it would be an aggressive act, but I will offer the idea.

You are watching your once great country being destroyed from withing. When it stood for the truth, it prospered.

The truth trumps all.

Once again, base1aranas good, Catholics bad.

yep, got it. Your beliefs good, Catholic Church bad. That is the theme of this thread. It's bigotry.
Oh and you might be interested in exploring Contemplative Outreach, a group co-created by Catholic priest and Trappist monk Father Keating, there are groups in many Catholic churches around the world.

This group encourages people to read the "word of God for themselves"

Here is a description.

Theological Principles

Contemplative Outreach is a community of individuals and Centering Prayer groups committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in everyday life.
A commitment to the daily practice of Centering Prayer is the primary expression of belonging.
Listening to the word of God in Scripture through the practice of Lectio Divina is encouraged, particularly its movement into contemplative prayer, which a daily practice of Centering Prayer facilitates.
The source of Centering Prayer is the Indwelling Trinity. Its practice consists of responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to consent to the Divine presence and action within.
The Divine presence affirms our basic core of goodness made in the image of God.
The Divine action is the process of transformation in Christ which inspires and deepens our consent.
The contemplative dimension of the Gospel manifests as an ever-deepening union with Christ and the practical caring for others that flows from this relationship. It reveals the deeper meaning of Christ’s life and teaching.
Our relationship with the living Christ is the bond uniting us together in mutual love.
While formed by our respective denominations, we are united in our common search for God and our experience of Christ through Centering Prayer.
We identify with the Christian contemplative heritage in which Centering Prayer is rooted. We recognize this heritage as the common ground for Christian unity.
We affirm our solidarity with the contemplative dimension of other religions and sacred traditions.
Through the continuing practice of Centering Prayer, we experience a deepening commitment to the needs and rights of each member of the human family and an increasing respect for the interdependence of all creation.
We foster a spirit of unity, generosity and utmost charity in all our relationships.
Following the teachings of Jesus, we exercise leadership through an attitude of humility, listening and service.
We recognize and maintain a spiritual relationship with Saint Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado.
We acknowledge that any good accomplished by Contemplative Outreach is the work of the Holy Spirit.

So that they may all be one; just as You, Father, are in me,
and I in you, may they also be one in us.
John 17:21

How about .? Truth is good?

How about starting with the 10 commandments. Think we can find common ground there?

Why are you trying to be such an idiot?

Are we talking about YOUR truth?

What "truth" are you referring to base1aransas?

I identify myself as a Christian, but am I?

I'd like to put in my 2 cents on this discussion. I identify myself as a Christian. What is a Christian? They are supposed to be "Christ-like". Ouch! I'm probably not even close to being "Christ-like", but I try to follow a "Christ-like" life. I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, and ask God daily to forgive me for my sins. Then attempt to do better the next day.

About 10 years ago I was led to actually read the entire King James Bible (took me nearly 18 months!) I've read the Complete Jewish Bible, have the Strong's dictionary and several other Bibles. (I might even read the Koran someday.) I immersed myself into learning the truth.

As a truth seeker, things began to narrow down from a broad look at all studies and you finally see the truth. You come to a conclusion from what is transpiring around you and balance it against what you learned.

Man-made organized religion is not what Jesus wanted us be involved in because it separates us. We are supposed to be united. But religions separate us. Sometimes violently. The Catholic church from its inception separated people, as did Jewish and Islam. They all killed people in the name of God. And still do. Look at all the people they murder in the name of God, Jehovah or Muhammad.

In my studies, the Catholic religion has created and responsible for 90% of the atheists in the world. If you are an atheist, you probably were raised in a Catholic family. Test it out for yourself. If you know someone that claims to be an atheist, ask them how they were raised.

Now take that comparison to Republican vs. Democrats. They hate each other on a basic comparison. There should be no parties. Parties separate. We should be for or against "issues", not what party we belong to.

Generally, why are most Democrats Catholics? Generally, why are Republicans everything else? Generally "protestants". What is a protestant? A Protest against the Catholic religion. But the protestants divided themselves even further into Baptists, Episcopalian, Jehovah Witnesses, 7th Day Adventist, Mormons etc...

They broke off the universal church which was Catholic church in protest. Unfortunately they kept some of the practices of the Catholic church and its teachings. Everyone that celebrates Christmas is a Catholic on that day. It is a pagan ritual developed by the Catholic church that has a long history which I'm not going into right now.

This is getting really long and I need to end it.

I am no longer a "republican", I'm an independent. I'm no longer associated with any man made religion. I'm a Christ follower and believe only the word of God. To simplify it, I guess I have to identify myself as a Christian.

What that Pope is admitting to is that our world presently is being ruled by Satan/Lucifer. He did speak the truth on that front. But the Pope is not the Anti-Christ. He is simply anti-Christ, against Christ.

All Christians will be persecuted, it is happening now, but you ain't see nothing yet. They have to be. To purify the "church".

I'm not against Catholics, I'm against their religion, what some appointed man tells them to believe, and don't read the bible cause you are too dumb to understand it. In fact, they had to make their own bible of sorts, like the Mormons did.

A church is not a building. It is people. A church is not a religion. It is people. People are the church.

When everyone finally figures that out then we will have unity. But it will take severe persecution for that to happen.

Get ready, cause I think it's coming sooner than later.

Pope against Christ?

How exactly is the Pope against Christ? The Catholics made up their own Bible? They had the Bible BEFORE all the Protestant denominations. As far as being too dumb to read their Bibles, do you seriously believe every single word in the Bible is the word of God?


It's obvious you were raised Catholic to make this statement. You probably believe the ROMAN Catholics have the bones of Peter as well. (they have bones of a guy named Peter, but it isn't THE Peter in the Bible)

If you do, you better start doing your homework. That story is full of holes.

Please don't see this as an assault on anything but the propaganda we have all been fed.

If you stand for the Truth, I hold you in higher regard than the pope. If you can look me in the eye with honesty, we don't need him to tell us anything. Christ is with us.



It seems to me you are swimming in the pool of pop culture given to you by your propaganda media.

The REAL history that will define where your two feet sit at the moment is out there.


Thank you.

deacon's picture

love the testimony

could have been me,but the difference is,i read about other cultures having
the same deal recorded....the great flood,baby in a basket,names changed
preachers preaching out of incomplete bibles...ect ect

Frome reading your comments,I see you have a great deal of patience for people...good job...I used to,but not amymore
churches teach paganism as if it is truth...they lead all astray,and they all die for lack of knowledge
I asked the commenter a series of questions,none were answered
but I did get called a bigot :)
anyways,thanks for your input,I was able to say,i learned a thing or 2 today

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

why do you think

you had the chance to read a bible? How did the bible get preserved? How did Christian history get preserved for thousands of years? The main responsibility of the Catholic Institution was to preserve Christianity during a very violent and chaotic time. It still has this responsibility. Because the Catholic Church maintained the Christian tradition for so long, many other groups were able to read the bible and choose to form their own groups. So yes, I agree, human run Institutions have a tendency to grow rigid and corrupt if they are not cultivated and cared for by the members. Sometimes it takes extreme events to wake up the membership. In my opinion, the Catholic Church is no longer persecuting others. The Institution and membership are growing up. There are some other Christian groups that embrace bigotry and have forgotten who made their existence possible.

Oh Frank

It was Luther, a Catholic Priest, that made the bible readable for us, who was persecuted by the church and thrown out. The Catholic church kept the bible in Latin so only the priests could read it. They knew the masses couldn't read Latin or Greek and the masses desperately wanted to be able to read it for themselves. Luther made it possible. That pissed off the Pope big time.

Where do you think the Lutheran branch religion came from? Geesh.

Geesh, my bible

isn't in Latin and I'm Catholic. What happened marhlfld? Did the institution evolve?

Which Bible are you referring to Frank?

The Catholic church has two.

I thank God everyday

that I no longer subscribe to a futurist eschatology. The end times/time of the end/end of the age/end of the world already came and went.The tribulation already occurred and Satan is no longer the prince of this world. All prophecy has been fulfilled, all of it.

Oh Really?

I don't see Jesus anywhere ruling us. I don't see peace, I don't see Lambs laying with Lions. I'm still eating meat and so are my dogs. Are you being sarcastic or an atheist?

I am being neither.

I was being serious. All prophecy has been fulfilled. Christ said he was going to return and he was going to return in judgement before that generation passed. In the epistles the apostles all expected his return and were eagerly awaiting it. There is plenty of scripture to back up what I'm saying and it is overwhelming. Point is they were either wrong or they were not. I and many more like myself have come to the conclusion that in fact he did come back and they were correct. The problem I'm afraid is that most folks don't understand the nature of his second coming and that would have included myself not so long ago. Everyone is free to believe what they want to believe, but for me there were things that didn't make a whole lot of sense when I read my Bible and tried to, how shall we say, reconcile them with a futurist eschatology. So I set out to try and make sense of it all and like so many others came to the conclusion that it is finished. Fulfilled eschatology.

A bigot is a bigot.

Most bigots are convinced their opinions are facts. They think this magically allows them to spew bigotry and not be bigots. The catholic institution is very old and has grown up through our humanity. Yes, there have been mistakes and massive corruption. The institution, like a person, is maturing and evolving. If you viewed humanity by its past performance, you could also suggest "humanity" is evil and not worth saving. You are bigots and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you have the chance to grow/evolve.

Keyword "institution"

Sounds like you believe more in the "institution" than in God. Humanity is evil and not worth saving. Jesus already paid the price to save us, but we must repent daily. He did his job, now we have to do ours. Doesn't look like we're doing such a great job, because many are going to be persecuted to purify the "church".

Frank, you seem like you have chip on your shoulder. You aren't real well studied from your comments made. You are spewing rhetoric right from the Catholic talking points.

marhlfld, the "institution"

was able to preserve the concept of God/bible so you could make these ridiculous comments. Without the "Institution" you would be worshiping a tree. You see, Institutions, although imperfect, have a tendency to preserve really important information, like Christianity.

What?! Give me a break!

That institution has you worshipping a tree every Christmas which is suppose to represent the cross. What does Christmas mean? Break it down Frank. Christ. Mass. Christ massacred. God uses institutions like you cling to for different reasons. That institution WITHHELD the bible from the people until Luther translated it so the people could read it too. Not just the priests.

Why do you think so many branches broke off with the Catholic church to form their own religions? Because of the tyranny imposed on them by the church.

The biggest lie Satan ever told the people was he didn't exist.

But whatever Frank. Continue to believe the lie. We still love you and pray for you. However, if the time comes when an inkling of truth comes to you and you don't accept it, God will blind you forever. Let the scales come off Frank.

oh, thank you, brother.

I got your message. Catholics bad, marhlfld good. Your position was clear long ago.

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if the roman catholic church was founded and built on lies,does time make it all right?
Is any church that openly serves GOD,supposed to sin?
Is it supposed to deal with it when found?
If indeed the they are holy,then how does sin enter in and grow?
Instead of say,enter in,then get dealt with,instead of of being covered up
Why did constantine tell the worshiping jews,that the feasts and the holy days would no longer be allowed?\ Why did easter and christmas enter in and grow within all churches?,you see,most religions spawned from the catholic bible,AND the catholic bible is not complete
Now why were vast books taken out,if the church is about truth?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)