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Jesuit Pope Says "Prince of This World" is Against God & Says Christians Will Be Persecuted in End Times



Update: Analysis of the article by Alan Lamont:


Article link:


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Someone please help this crazy person find their way home...

He's coming up to people saying random things, with an angry sort of tone. He doesn't seem to be stable, could be dangerous....

Seriously, Base1annoyingass, wtf are you talking about?

You're such an obvious subversive artist it's not even funny. That, or you really are fucking NUTS.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


The labels you have pasted on me are disappointing.

I would enjoy a conversation. Why do you call a person that respects the truth Names?

And Lawman, where Have I shown Anger?

Wow, just wow...

You sadden me, but lift my spirits at the same time.

What labels?

We don't need no stinking labels so what are you talking about?

Why am I not seeing any lables and you see lables? I'm looking for labels.. you say there are lables.. and I can't see the lables.

veritas and alex_b are

veritas and alex_b are amongst the two stupidest i've ever come across on DP. don't fret over them Frank they're good enough for humor.

veritass how come you and

veritass how come you and that other clown alex_b vanished from the other thread when i asked for some specific sources for your retarded claims?

Hello BILL3

It is clear that you are not really seeking to further your knowledge, but to push your ideals and agenda. I am open to discuss any topic with anyone, but people need to do their own research and not expect to be spoon fed with all the information. The only thing sacred is God's word, so everything else needs to be verified, including what all denominational corporate churches and the Catholic Church say. Last I checked, they don't have a monopoly on the Truth. Jesus warned us of wolves in sheep's clothing.

you're not gonna get off that

you're not gonna get off that easy, alex_b. even supposing i was motivated by low or sinister reasons, you would still have ever reason to want to share your knowledge and back up your statements to the rest of DP, for their education and your own credibility.


i would never make claims on DP that i couldn't back up. this link will stand as testimony to your charlatanry, unless and until you reply to it in full. every time i see you make a dubious, outlandish or plain retarded claim i'll tell everyone you're a con boy and link to you taking to your heels when challenged for hard info.

good day!

yall hear that? that's the

yall hear that? that's the sound of alex_b getting pwned.

To all new Catholic DailyPaul members.

Please know that there are bigots here on the DP. They post their hate and paranoid fantasies here regularly. Their intolerance and ignorance doesn't reflect the majority of this great community. They are a cancer in the liberty movement. Their obvious dream of a theocracy is the enemy of Liberty. Many of us here recognize this threat and we will never stop revealing its danger to our freedom. Welcome and please ignore these clowns.


do not leave these blanketed attack comments in my threads.

If you're going to abuse someone please speak to them directly, and not in my thread.

who you callin spook?

it was a general message to new Catholic

members who may not understand the infestation we are experiencing here on the DP of bigots. Many call themselves Christians, but their post reveal a deep and intolerant bigotry. I just want them to know there are others here that disagree with these fools.

I woudn't doubt it

but this guy on YOUTUBE annoys me. He has been caught fear mongering plenty of times. Comet Elenin was a huge one for him. He scared every one and none of it was true.

I agree 'DAHBOO7''s videos are very hit or miss.

That was the first thing I saw about this which is why it ended up posted first.

I have updated the post with a valuable analysis by Alan Lamont.

robot999's picture

I don't know this guy

But one thing I do know. Truth seekers are many times on the right path, but are deceived by lies and propaganda. It affects people who seek. Most real truth seekers fall prey to the strong delusions put in their path - I know I have fallen for my fair share from time to time. Be thankful that there are people that annoy you with ideas, it makes you think and grow my friend.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

you should doubt it.

The Pope was sending a message of hope to all Christians. I'm witnessing him draw individuals back to faith. To suggest he is trying to simply create the NWO and ignore his very, very, clear message of the importance of being Christ-like is so sad to me. What paranoid, broken, hairless monkeys we have become.

I don't follow the pope

And don't really care what he says. I'm a Christian and I can clearly see hate building up towards us though.

robot999's picture


You should care what he says. Popes have much more authority in this world than any politician could ever dream of. Want to know your enemy?

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

A bunch of

old men in robes are my enemy?

What about these criminals in suits on our own land?

the "enemy" will

be ignorant and spew bigotry as if it was the gospel. This doesn't sound like Pope Francis.

It is strange that these important topics

don't interest people. I guess their priorities are not inline with what's happening out in the world.

It is very telling that the pope makes no effort to try and separate himself and his followers from what the world will be doing:
"Once we 'reach the fullness of this pagan attitude,' the Pope continued, 'then yes, he will come…’ truly the Son of Man will come in a cloud with great power and glory.’”

The reason is simple, he is the one responsible for bringing about the prince of this world's agenda. The previous pope already outlined the changes in the economic and political sphere that will be implemented in the future.

On another note, Veritas Aequitas, have you read the Caritas in Veritate Encyclical?

This link shows what the world political prostitutes have to say about Caritas in Veritate:

Whoever doesn't believe that the Roman Catholic Church is spearheading the NWO, is either with them or not interested in the real truth.


MODs, here is another

example of an BIGOT infecting the DailyPaul. Alex B just indicted all Catholics here on the DailyPaul. WE are spearheading the "NWO" according to this clown. WHY is this post allowed? Why is Alex B not banned? What has this to do with Ron Paul? Individuals like Alex B are a CANCER in the liberty movement.

Galatians 4:16

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Have you read Caritas in Veritate, before judging? I have indicted everyone in the Roman Catholic Hierarchy - pope, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and the hundreds of Secret Societies they control.

Charity In Truth

Pope Benedict gives many warnings about globalization for the wrong reasons (lack of Charity in Truth).

Have you ever read the Catechism of the catholic Church?

Have you read the

entire document yourself? At 3-minute video cannot substitute you actually reading the document.

It is clearly seeking a new centralized economic system, which is pivotal to the NWO. If you think we have it bad with Fiat paper money, wait until it is fully digital.


in my catechism class, where few really LOVED Benedict more thanothers, and now some LOVE Francis.. passionate all very kind, generous, educated, profesional, hard working.. good people

I participate in a Catechism discussion and if course this is a topic.. it's a booklet. I also take Bible Study, which is not the same as RENEW (catechism) or some other programs in my parrish.. Generations of Faith.

Catechism is facinating to me because it changes your perspective, in that symblos that meant nothing suddenly mean something.. like cloud, hand, star, and that's just one part of it..

The Catholic Church is the Old World Order and their strength is that they own real estate globally because governments come and go.. empires come and go.. but the Church remains.. which is a miracle given the history. Everyday, every Catholic Church all over the world gives the same mass.. the same message.

Anyways. some Catholics take issue with the "socialists" undertones..mots of us think about it on a spiritual level rather than a political agenda.. maybe it's because I'm an American, but the seperation of Church and State is what I believe.

Let's not forget, this world is not Lord Jesus Christ, the prince of peace's, kingdom.

Hello Granger,

You said it clearly, Christ's Kingdom is not of this world. Christ's true Church is not out to dominate this world, and hoard all of the material wealth of this world, but instead has been given the commission to preach the Gospel of Salvation all over the world. God's Prophecy is also very explicit when it identifies how satan will conquer the world, and deceive all world leaders into persecuting the true believers. Who are the powers that Daniel chapter 2 and 7 identify, and Revelation chapter 5, 6, 12, 13, 17 and 18 to you? To be clear, Roman Canon Law is not compatible with the Bible, either you accept one or the other, and I stick with the Bible as my sole guide in my spiritual life, and don't need other intermediaries besides Christ. What is your comment on the papal bull, Unam Sanctum, and what it professes - does it align with Scripture or does it contradict Scripture? Salvation is the most important thing in our lives, so I hope people will take it seriously and start reading and not taking other people's word for it.
Jeremiah 17:5
This is what the LORD says: "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD."


Hello Alex_B

What I love the most about America is that you can have your faith and beliefs, and I can have mine, and others, theirs, and whether we agree or not, we can respect each other's right to their beliefs.