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Operation Outlaw (Secret Project)

From Larken Rose: It's time to unveil the "secret project" I've been working on for many weeks now, and introduce you to someone who I believe will be able to spread the message of real freedom farther and faster than anyone else I know.

The new web site is http://www.JOSIEtheOUTLAW.com


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my take

So I'm going to guess that this effort is being made for the people like me, GOP standing delegate?

First, I'm listening to Josie the Outlaw, "On being an Outlaw":

When ever rights (as in the legislation called the Bill of Rights? or are we talking about "God Given" natural rights?
What do you mean it is a "duty"? A duty to be moral decent and upright acording to who? It's a duty to oppose (how?) "that". By who's AUTHORITY is what is right or wrong.. not government.. so who? What?
I don't know where you get your rights.. so ok, I have rights and someone comes to take them away and I'm to "First with my words", what? Wave a sign? Call Larsen Rose? And then with WHAT kind of action? "Hey You took away my rights!" Now what???
Do you respect the law? What law? "If by law you mean what the politicians tell us to do? Huh? What politicians are telling us what to do?.. you mean by legislation passed through congress, or democratic process in a local election?
The Outlaw respects life and liberty.. how about property?
It's good to break the law because when you look back on history, human unjustice is done in the name of the law, but progress is by those who dared to stand up? Like 911? The right to rule? So this is rather utopian "take over the world" idea.. what is this? I think I recall somewhere anarchism.. I don't know.. I'm trying to learn and so far.. I'm not getting the picture.
I'm not clear on the "good outlaw's" ability to make things right.
Wow she said YES.. ok "YES I'm anti-government" (Ron Paul is not anti-government) "Government is always the enemy of freedom and justice"? I don't see it like that. I see government as an arena, a battlefield over what is freedom and justice, so government isn't an enemy, or a friend, but a "game board".
Policial power is not about peaceful coexisiting.. right.. it's what you need to move your issue/candidate across the game board.
"It's about people TRYING to use the machine to rob and control others". Well that may be for some.. you want to call it a machine, that's fine, but not everyone is there to rob and control others, exhibit Ron Paul.. and why he suggested we get into the GOP.. not so that we could rob and control others, but so that we could restore constitutional government and the right to protect ourselves.. I think it was brilliant on Ron Paul's part. Don't you?
Ruling class? The elite? If we were casting charactors in Atlas Shrugged.. who is the ruling class.. John Galt or James Tagert?
This idea of the world would be great if only the perfect person is in charge.. I think Americans on the right and left are done with that after 14 years of OBushbama.. maybe a different angle would be better because you lost me on that one.. I do not believe there is a savior.. but I do believe that in the GOP where many Ron Paul rEVOLutionaries are not starting their new campaigns, I think it's too bad to know that you refuse to support them and think they are robbers and power grabbers and unjust.. did you think that about Ron Paul really?
Extremely confusing if you want to take that as a compliment.
You're all for cooperation and compromise on a lot of things.. like what? What flavor kool ade? How do you do that? There's no written law// so how does that work?
Never compromise on principles, which philosophically can be debated.. and why worry about being a "coward" to condone a "certain" level (what level) of injustice? How do you oppose or condone? You are not authority, principles can be debated.. so I'm not getting your foundation, all because you don't want to be called "extreme"?
Who cares what others call others as long as it's not harmful. How is being extreme harmful when it's not? Who is an extreme pacifist hurting?
Why do I care if you are personally tolerant? I thought you were going to teach me about anarchy or something.. I'm watching this to learn.. I didn't know it was to learn about you personally because personally.. I'm not interested in you,, just in what you have to teach me, and I hope it's more than this.. are you a tolerant person (LOL).. ok .. so what? You are not tolerant of a aggression.. uh huh. So.. what is agressive to you (are you seeking victims) and what do you do about it? (oh now you're going to tell me that if I'm voting for Ron Paul Repiublicans who got in the GOP and are standing up against the establishment power to tax and control) then you "don't pretend to be tolerant". So far it comes off as an arrogant excuse to do nothing.
I need to understand as long as my ideas are forced on others.. like my idea that cannabis should be decriminalized.. according to you, I don't want to get involved in the government and force people to accept cannabis .. I'm supposed to do what? Go to prison and say, "Bad government!". Is that your solution?
Political con men.. like Ron Paul? Are all politicians con men to you, pitting us against each other? You don't think that individuals have representative government, because the "differences" they find are what basically you are listing the Bill of Rights? I'm not following this. I think maybe you are addressing a "younger" group.
I think many of us got in the GOP because we never assumed that we were free and trusted Ron Paul knew what he was talking about when he invited us in. I still think it was a brilliant and brave idea of Ron Paul.
Your goal is peaceful co-existance.. Even the Grateful Dead had security because even tens of thousands of deadheads got into fights.. I think it's human nature. You don't have to go looking for a fight to find one. Geesh.
All government is "telling you what you must do?" Somehow I didn't get that message. OMG! How freaking awesome is that?!! LOL Wow.. so the governmet is telling you what you MUST do? (thank god they're not forcing you to wear a burka, eh?) How much money you have to give them.. .. because you would have no taxes? Tell me about that, please. So what does "getting along mean".. seems you believe things just happen and you are entitled somehow,, how? How does natural law (I don't know.. maybe you have no laws, no written word.. seems Larkin and his wife are smitten with you.. sweet).
You want a fundamental change in the world? Check out Jesus.. definately give you a fundamental change.. what are YOU talking about. I expect change.. change is enevitable.. and yet, the only thing I can change is me. My vison of the world fundamentally changes all the time, with technology/science advances and more.
I have never voted for anyone who promised to take care of me.. I am not seeking a nanny.. so maybe you have made this vid for liberals who appreciate a nanny state rather than Ron Paul Republicans?
The community is real.. and it does matter, and it's VERY VERY POLITICAL. Did you not get that? None of us are looking for some ruler.. all of us.. at least the Ron Paul Republicans I have come to know, are here because we want to restore constitutional government which gives us a government that protects our rights, not our persons. That's what kind of government I want.. and that's why I'm in the GOP working with those like me, inspired by Ron Paul And you are not looking for a fight, but you sure don't want to help those Ton Paul Republicans who got in, eh?
Do you want to change the world? Is that your goal Josie?
You will never run for office (because you can not appreciate how that is a way to get a message out.. Thank you Ron Paul),, because government and politics is the problem.. OK so what is the solution?
"The left and the right scream at each other".. you keep bringing up morals as if that's government's job. Rather than think left right, think Haliburton -Koch. coke pepsi.. because that is the argument in politics.
So you think Ron Paul is a con man.. a liar?
You haven't sold me on being an outlaw..

but I could keep trying, Rumor has it....

that you are like 6'4" in heels...


Yeah, but it was the hair

I liked the "Message to police" video...

Spot on.

Just watched the other two videos...

Good stuff...really good.

Well done.

Now if he can get Libertarian Girl to go that way ...

Then that would be GREAT as well! She would compliment this gal quite nicely. Libertarian girl is obscenely smoking *hot*, she's almost there as far as philosophy/mentality, but she's still somewhat in the "water the message down" category that Larken talks about in his video.

I think if people could convince her to make the final steps and be that spokesman as well, then you're going to at the very least get *every* straight guys attention - lol!

is this her?

that's probably the lamest,

that's probably the lamest, least effective strategy ever. not to mention insulting to the intended audience. dorks on youtube looking for b00bs...a political movement does not make.

In fact the attempt to marry such morally suspect marketing methods to a political movement of supposedly strong moral convictions seems to me a futile undertaking.

on the other hand, finding a semi attractive girl and sticking lame political pamphlets for her to read in order to attract undersexed internet dorks to bolster (hopefully) donations... pathetic, but possible. certainly nothing to celebrate, but possible.


I would have to agree with Bill here. Don't waste your time on this one. Go outside, get some sunlight.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Why so socialist?

How is it possibly immoral to use the gifts you are blessed with?

I suppose you think any attractive person should be forced to wear a hood so we can all be 'equal'.

The more eye candy we have the better imo. We need more male eye candy too, like Ben Swann.

If you think the fox news

If you think the fox news strategy is a good one, more power to you. I think its counter productive for a real political movement, and it's got nothing to do with socialism. Its about not reducing truth to a marketing strategy level worthy of an Axe body spray commercial. Who do you expect to win over with that? Its not as if there's a shortage of such imagery available, does it really need to take center stage in politics? Its not a big issue, it's just kind of funny in an embarrassing way to see every political faction imaginable take to youtube to find the bustiest spokesman possible. I guess they all think they're gonna poach each others' followers with the sheer power of 'hot chics.' Its kind of demeaning to the target audience and not a good path to go down for the health of a political movement.

But that being said, given our history I don't think we'll see eye to eye on anything.

I don't reply to convince you

I reply to clarify for other readers why they shouldn't agree with you if they are somehow tempted.

But maybe this will be the exception. I don't see why the message is hurt by pretty people delivering it. Some people may come for the dessert but stay for the meal.

We have more than enough Bob Murphy's and Larken Roses's out there spreading the word. I say we use all the tools, and boobs!, at our disposal.

But I also categorically reject the notion we should not make use of our blessings. Some are smart. Some are pretty. Some are strong. I do not see any moral problem whatsoever with people using their gifts either for money or for a noble cause.

In fact if anything, just the opposite, if you don't use your gifts you may as well not have them.

I haven't watched the videos, but let's assume for sake of argument she's not too bright, but she wants to help. I think using her gifts is quite morally laudable.

Right, but you've missed the

Right, but you've missed the point entirely. The moral questionableness, for me, has nothing to do with the traits of anyone who is out delivering a message they believe in. What I think is a little questionable is to try to play people with social proof (look, hot chics agree with us) to propagate an ideology. I found the obamagirl episode which kicked it off to be highly distasteful, and there's no shortage of examples on youtube of every political variant trying to use a rack to get young men to support that set of ideas/.

The effort seems futile and kind of insulting the intelligence of the audience. When I say its demeaning, I mean to the target not the messenger.

To me it is not much different than the videos we've seen where parents have their 'cute kids' read stuff they probably wrote praising Obama, or have their kids go to school and read lines they wrote to try to use the kid's cuteness to appeal to the target audience. Its embarrassing... for everyone.

You know I have my own prior disagreement to Rose and others I regard as charlatans peddling utopian ideology and cult like fads, probably for money, but the topic of using hot chics to sell political messages is separate and spans the political spectrum.

It came up in response to the commenter above who thought what we really need is 'more hot chics' to make youtube videos to get the 'straight guys.' To me its just a dumb strategy and makes our political landscape one more rung lower on the stupid and repelling ladder.

As for the josie girl site, I don't think its necessarily an example of this trend, as I don't know the girls background or care. I just don't like what I see overall with the staged, scripted and prop-laden nature of the videos, the hyped gimmicky delivery (secret project), the donation begging, etc. And of course what to me is junk ideology.

You can disagree because you dislike me or my views, but that's hardly elucidating to anyone here, they already know we disagree.

If you're ready to endorse the overall tactic of having politics sold by kids and/or hired social proof/sex appeal actors, that's your call. I don't like it, and just because Obama's PR team thinks they're making bank on it, I wouldn't use it.

And I don't think it has value on a practical level for political outsiders the way it might for the mainstream. Just because something works for the establishment in its mass appeal to dithering, wayward, on the fence, unintellectual voters, who are ready to be swayed by transparent social proof gimmicks and emotional appeals, that doesn't mean it would work for intellectual rigorous appeals to thinking people.

Okay yeah ... lame ...

.... like 145,000+ likes on her facebook fan page is lame. She's totally not popular at all. So yeah, it's a lame suggestion

lol facebook likes. i dont

lol facebook likes. i dont know about this person i was just commenting on your idea of dressing up ideology with "hot chics," like some fox news marketing exec... its stupid. it might be effective in attracting facebook likes but its silly for advancing a political movement. do you think there's any shortage of 'hot chics' willing to promote competing ideologies? do you not see how this is degrading to the audience it targets?

Sometimes you have to fight fire with hotter fire...

The MSM has used this tactic of hot chick sounding educated to pass off some of the lamest ideas to the masses...unfortunately, it has worked.

It's time to beat them at their own game. Fox News has been very successful countering the leftist-propaganda of the alphabet news outlets with hot chicks.

The pretty face grabs your attention and holds it. That is the first step in getting a message across.

Precisely the point i'm trying to make ... thank you ...

"Kiss My Tea Bag"!!

As sad as it sounds, and I so wish it weren't that way, it's just a fact of the society that we live in .... looks/sex appeal sells ... it's just a plain fact. I hate that it's that way, but it is what it is. And if you want to get attention, you have to use that fact to your advantage ... get what I mean???

And yes, you have to beat them at their own game. But instead of some blonde reading a teleprompter, it would be nice if we could get some more folks that know what they're talking about, live what they preach AND have the appeal.... I brought up Libertarian Girl because she's very passionate, and seems to know what she's talking about. I wouldn't think she would go as far as this gal, but I'm simply referring to folks like her.

Although, that's not dissing the average folk .... we need everybody, but to get everybody you have to use that little fact that I point out above to your advantage.

It looks like Larken has realized this as well and is running with it with this project. I applaud him and that gal for their efforts :).

I think you're mistaking

I think you're mistaking something that works on a mass level, on mainstream voters, with something that would work on every level.

The kind of people who will actually be taken in by social proof gimmicks and emotional appeals (kids praising obama, hot chics making youtube videos praising a politician) are people who simply aren't going to join a movement that lacks mainstream appeal or social credibility gains from adopting it.

It might work on college kids who wear Obama t shirts or t-shirts that say 'This is what a feminist looks like,' but these people aren't going to join a radical political movement that's condemned in the mainstream because they think hot chics support it.

But the fact that the strategy probably has no practical value isn't why I object to it. My objection is deeper in that I think when you're trying to foment a social movement that rejects the establishment and wants to remove itself from its paradigm and influence, you don't go and adopt its very worst aspects.

I was mainly just criticizing

I was mainly just criticizing the commenter above thinking that having a pair of boobs or pretty face read a script on youtube will actually make a difference in establishing a social force that would make real change. Fox news is successful because its well funded and supported by the establishment, not because it has some pretty faces. I think its great that attractive girls are out there promoting the message they believe in. I'd be less enthusiastic about casting people in a role to read off a script unenthusiastically... but whatever.

My feeling on the josey channel really has nothing to do with the this issue, just the overall gimmicky marketing and how fake it comes off. Plus I have no sympathy for the vague, substanceless message. I couldn't decipher much practical meaning in his 18 minutes or her 5 and change, and the hype about a secret project, the donation begging, the lack of information in the more info link, and the low intellectual quality of the content.

I think the content of the videos are spot on.

I will concede that if you try to get a message across with sexually suggestive silliness, it defeats the purpose. However, Josie doesn't do that at all.

She not trying to be sexy but she's attractive.

The website is just starting out so cut them some slack on not having a million dollar website to compete with Fox News.

As far as it being a big "secret project", yeah, that's a little hyped but no hair off my...foot.

Well if you follow the

Well if you follow the comments you'll see I brought up the b00b thing in response to above comment suggesting we need to get hot chics spreading the message on YT to get 'straight guys.'

I have no reason to believe Josie channel is an example of this, my criticisms of that are of a different kind; the hype, the secret project, the donation begging, the scripted/teleprompter reading, the vacuous message, the low quality of the videos, the military gun prop, the rip off of the outlaw josie wales, the fact that neither rose nor his cast are outlaws, and the silliness of their ideology.

I don't have enough information about the development of this fundraising/marketing project to know whether 'josie' is a real political figure or just hired cans. My remarks in that vein were more general and about the phenomenon of marketing politics and viewpoints on youtube with 'hot chics,' which some people seem to think is a good strategy but which strikes me as stupid, ineffective and similar to when people parade cute kids out to praise Obama.

Its demeaning NOT to the girl, but to the audience, like they're so dumb or juvenile to fall for it, along with all the other gimmicks I noted above.

what is the project? the

what is the project? the 'learn more' button goes nowhere, although the donate button is live. i guess its still secret.

It's working on the Josie the

It's working on the Josie the Outlaw vids.

oh. a simple link without all

oh. a simple link without all the gimmicky fanfare would suffice. Hopefully the copyright holders to the outlaw josey wales don't eat up all the donations.

Larken pretty sharp

I have to say

jrd3820's picture

Gotta love the outlaws

And the rebels. Where would we be without them?

I like that girl

I think she could wake some sheople up!

bump to listen to later...


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."