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Thought-provoking video series on science, ideas, and culture: The Day The Universe Changed

It's 9 or 10 roughly 50 minute videos. I just got finished watching the first one and found it thought-provoking. I thought the Daily Paul crowd might be interested in it. The series is clearly dated but the ideas seem perfectly relevant today.

I'll embed the first video for your thoughts/comments.


And here is a link to the entire playlist if you're interested:

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Nice series, but made in 2009, it's already dated.

This series is a testament to exactly what they are talking about, and that is "change." A lot has happened in the last nearly 5 years.

I just finished the first episode, and still ask where were those lightening fast responsive jet fighters on 9/11? Thanks for posting.


Are you sure? According to IMDB, this series is from 1985.

Drain the swamp!

James Burke is EXCELLENT

His "Connections" TV program (which looks to be made about the same time as this one) is a phenomenal learning program... Interesting and entertaining too.

Hes like the Mr. Wizard of History...

I cant wait to watch all of these episodes.

Nice. I might have to see if

Nice. I might have to see if I can track those down too.

They are all on YouTube