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Boston Police Chemist - Sentenced to 3 to 5 for falsifying drug evidence

She should have been forced to serve the combined jail time of all the folks she wrongly sent to jail, in my opinion.

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Here in WA they just resign

Here in WA they just resign after they aid and abet the racketeering.

Still organized crime like that in Boston. Only they protect them more here it sounds like. I mean after all, they lie all the time, and make the state a lot of money. It's a multi billion dollar a year industry. Pensions are great!

Who cares if a few people go to prison or get charged? It's all racketeering!

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That above post was

That above post was 2013.....

This was from 2008
2008 - A toxicology lab manager at the Washington State Patrol crime lab was accused of falsely claiming she had verified solutions used in breath-alcohol testing.

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this is going to cost

That state hundreds of millions of dollars imo.


I doubt it. The bar will

I doubt it. The bar will protect the prosecutors and the prosecutors will protect the police as will their department. Do they ever admit liability?
They will rely on officer testimony, because we all know all cops tell the truth all the time. And that will be accepted as truth in the courts.

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you make sense yet still going through all those retrials is going to be worth something. Sure the courts will be allocated big money along with the law enforcement but it still will have an impact on the budget imo.

Like RP says, 'if you live beyond your means you are going to live beneath your means'.


There must be volumes worth

There must be volumes worth of information documenting instances where police have been caught lying or doing illegal things. Why not submit that as evidence as to why a cop's statement can not be considered as anything more than heresay.

That is the Brady precedent

That is the Brady precedent and it has been Constitutionally upheld that prosecutors are required by law to provide the exulpatory evidence (such as lying, fabrication of evidence, etc.)
It is the Giglio precedent that requires the US Attorneys to force the prosecutors to do their job, that of providing this exculpatory evidence.
But as you can see, it's all a lie.

Remember you have the right to question your accuser. You have a right to due process of the law. And if they don't provide the information as required by law, they are not serving justice. This is how innocent people go to prison. This is a very serious matter.

It's a facade.

It's organized crime.

All they do is lie and cover up.

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Back in the '60s we called it "The Sink Test"

Back in the '60s we called it "The Sink Test":

Step 1: Dump the sample down the sink.
Step 2: Fill out the results form with whatever the police were looking for.

Try to prove that's what they did? It is to laugh!

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if this type of thing is more common than we know.

Free or drug free? America can't be both!

I found that for you. This is a state by state listing of forensics scandals.

Again, like our government, it has been infiltrated. This happens on a state and local level as well. These people get paid nicely and get pensions. It's a racket.

Of course there are idiots out there everyday ruining something for everybody, and yes they have a hard job, but doesn't mean they should put innocent people behind bars by lying or rack up lawyer bills or worse.

There is no ethics in this profession.

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Cut and Dried

I don't know, but this seems a little too neat for what it is, and the implications of her actions, and those that persued them.
I strongly suspect she is taking the fall on this.

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i support the death penalty

in this case however i think a 15+ year sentence with no early release would be appropriate. after she gets out she should have to pay monthly restitution to her victims or go back to jail. in the meantime all her assets should be auctioned off and given to her victims.

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Should be taken out and shot

or strung up in front of the court house to warn the lawyers, judges, and cops not to lie in court.

You might want to re-think the one about lawyers not lying... court. Especially your defense attorney. Yes, especially if you are innocent.

Ever see "Liar Liar" with Jim Carey, btw?

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I seem to recall an article in the Houston Press that circled around the same premise.

The backlog of investigative material had been improperly handled and consequently alot of innocent people had been wrongly convicted. But no prosecutorial action had been taken, I think.

In this case I'd wonder how many OTHER people knew about the mishandling of evidence? Cause I don't see how noone else could've possibly known about this gross miscarriage of justice within her department.

Perhaps no prosecutorial

Perhaps no prosecutorial action was taken because the courts were now too clogged with the appeals and retrials of everybody who had been convicted on evidence from that lab. B-b

The loss of liberty by the improperly convicted isn't the only cost of this. There's also the cost of all the added legal action and the costs to the community of releasing into it some real bad guys who were also convicted on bogus evidence - some of whom will take the opportunity to go back to their old ways or take revenge.

But - as the "fruit of the poisoned tree" doctrine recognizes - the costs from freed bad guys is MINISCULE compared to the costs of letting a law-enforcement system get away with "misconduct". It's our answer to "Who watches the watchmen?"

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


I agree with the member who posted. Why should she serve any less than the combined total of sentences that those she falsely convicted would have served? At the very least she should have to serve the combined total of time that they had already served. I don't see how anything less is justice. She stole these peoples' lives and they can never get them back. That's not to mention the lives of their spouses and children. Those people lost their jobs, maybe their houses too. Their reputations were destroyed.


Strange way of putting it imo.


Like lying done by Congress is "misspoken"

"You MISSPEAK!", just doesn't cut it like, "You LIE!", eh?

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