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Beduins need your help

C'mon American people, this time you can do better than helping genocide to be done again. Contact your representatives ... or burn in hell.


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You want to help Israelis?

Are you suggesting we entangle ourselves in the Israeli goverment?

What is interesting to me about this story, which I've been watching unfold out of the Guardian (you are familiar with The Guardian) is this is not unusual for Israel's growing pains.. in 2005 they removed over 400,000 Israelis (Did you protest or is this a racist or religious reason for this to be a protest for you?)

What do you think about the past Israeli PM's Olmert and Sharon (who removed far more legally settled Jews to give Gaza to the Palestinian REFUGEES (Americans really need to study to understand the situation (but then they wouldn't blame Israel.. go figure) saying that Netanyahu has "Declared War in the USA"?

I think it's awesome. The USA can tell Israel Goodbye and be done with Israel. I'm loving Israel since Sharon became PM..

careful, Grangie

Too many instances of the forbidden word in your post. You don't want to attract Rover's attention :)

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Uh huh.

And what exactly are YOU doing to help?

Are you going there to provide aid to them?

Are you sending them money?

Are you at least sending them a care packet?

Oh, I see, you're actually not doing anything, but want others to do it for you.

You're really just b*tching, but doing zero.

did you just threaten me? :|

did you just threaten me? :|