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Mondays With Murray: Sell Out And Die

This week’s edition of Mondays With Murray will touch upon something that is quite poignant at this point in time, what with the rise of Rand Paul, constant debate about the best way to spread the libertarian movement, and how to put a “libertarian” in the White House.

Murray Rothbard wrote an essay in 1980 titled “Sell Out and Die,” discussing a movement within the movement that looked to opportunistically “leap” liberty forward both in voting power and monies made available. However, much as we see today with Rand Paul’s politics, the shortcut is taken by ignoring base principles of the libertarian movement that could prove problematic to the grander (uneducated) voting base as well as the political parties in power.

In any ideological movement, the temptation to take quick shortcuts, the lure of betraying principle for supposed short-run gain, can become almost irresistible…

This new opportunist strategy we might call, with considerable and much-merited sarcasm, the “quick-victory” model. The reasoning goes something like this: All this principle stuff is just a drag on the machinery. We can gain a rapid and enormous leap forward in votes, money, membership, and media influence. But to gain these great goals we must quietly but effectively bury these annoying principles, which only put off voters, money, influence, etc.

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