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Justin Amash December 16 Money Bomb

Justin Amash for Congress Money Bomb

December 16, 2013

Justin has organized a money bomb on December 16 for his re-election campaign. Justin has drawn a primary challenger who is already on the airwaves and sending mailers attacking Justin's record. The challenger is willing to spend millions of his own money and will do so for the next 8 months until the August primary. This is our opportunity to show the establishment that the liberty movement is still a force to reckon with.

Please support Justin Amash by donating to his campaign on December 16 here:

If you're on Facebook, you can win a t-shirt signed by Justin:

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Reminder: Win a shirt signed by Justin

Money Bomb in 3 days

Any way to get this stickied on front page over the weekend? I'm sure Justin would very much appreciate the help.

Bump for new video!

I can't take credit for making this, but great job for whoever did! Don't forget to dig deep and donate on December 16th!


Win a shirt signed by Justin Amash

Join the Facebook event and see the first post for details:


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This is totally worth a bump.

This is totally worth a bump. I really like Justin Amash. I can definetly send him 25-50 FRN, basically I am buying him a case or 2 of beer, or whatever I'd end up burning the cash on. Without him and Rand a few others, I wouldn't be following politics at all.

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Over 800 attending on Facebook

Anyone here planning to contribute on December 16 to Amash's campaign?


This is Brian Ellis' website attacking Justin's record.

Brian is willing to spend millions of his own money on this race. He's already on the airwaves and sending out mailers attacking Justin. This will continue for the next 8 months until the primary.

On a fixed income here, but...

...have budgeted out my pittance of 25 "don't really have them" bucks for 12/16

One week until money bomb

Justin has a confirmed primary challenger who is already on the airwaves and in the mail attacking Justin's record. Please help out if you can.

Elected officials who have joined the Facebook event:

Congressman Thomas Massie
Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin
South Dakota State Representative Stace Nelson
Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland

If you're on Facebook, join here:


Is this not top and front page? As liberty lovers fighting tyranny, Amash is basically a young Ron Paul, better than Rand even. This should be up front for everyone to take notice and donate.

500 attending on Facebook

If you're on Facebook, please join and invite your liberty friends here:

I'll try to donate since it's

I'll try to donate since it's after payday.

Southern Agrarian

I invited 2k of friends to

I invited 2k of friends to this, let's keep this thread bumped, and keep inviting friends on Facebook.

NOTE: FB's new invite to event is easier, just check off the people you want to mass invite.

Moderate GOP PAC to target Justin Amash

A political group for middle-of-the road Republicans founded by former Bainbridge Township congressman Steve LaTourette is launching an online ad campaign designed to counter the influence of groups that he feels have pushed the party too far right.

"The reason that Harry Reid and the Democrats control the U.S. Senate is thanks to the efforts of the Club for Growth, Freedom Works and the Tea Party," LaTourette said in a Wednesday press release. "The far right's attempts to purge the GOP of people they find to be 'imperfect' needs to stop."

LaTourette's group, called the Main Street Advocacy Fund, said it's the "opening salvo" in an $8 million effort.


LaTourette has also expressed interest in aiding a moderate candidate to challenge incumbent Tea Party Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.


Over 300 attendees

on Facebook

Routinely, Alex Jones

Routinely, Alex Jones mentions the names of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as examples of politicians to emulate in the US Congress. Maybe, if enough people called Alex's show, we can convince him to include the name of Justin Amash as well. Seriously, this simple effort to include Justin's name in Alex's thinking could have a positive effect on Justin's campaign.

I wonder how many of the

I wonder how many of the people that are saying... I'll be donating! or Come on guys, we can't let Amash lose! or We need to show the Liberty Movement is strong!...

and then "forget" to donate. Don't be an armchair activist! Not many here are rich, but if you want Amash to win, don't just tell us your desires behind the keyboard. DO SOMETHING!

Donate, and help spread the

Donate, and help spread the word outside the Daily Paul.

I will take the lead

and hope that others will too. In fact, it is already on my Agenda Sheet which will be distributed at tomorrow night's meeting.

Meatloaf or wings tomorrow night, I haven't decided yet what I shall have :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Sure will support Justin, and

Sure will support Justin, and he's a congressman too, just like Ron.

Message to OP

Would you please change this:

"Justin wouldn't ask for your help unless he really needed it. On Monday, December 16, starting at midnight, please donate $25, $50, $100, $250--all the way up to $2,600--at www.amashforcongress.com to close out the year strong and send a powerful message to the Establishment and their frontman."


On Monday, December 16, starting at 12:01 am


Sunday, December 15, starting at midnight,

Thank you. ;)

Liked, shared

tweeted, and will chip in on the 16th. It's very important that Justin stay in Congress.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


Count me in. Best wishes from the top of Alabama!

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I am totally in.

Please make sure this thread is on the front page on Dec 15 !

I can't do the max, but I can hold off on buying another gun for a while.

Google is government.

Why Vote for Justin Amash?

Please see here:

Mark your calendars.
Share the date.
Save the $ and donate 12/16/13.

Thanks. :)

Front page bump please!!!

Top of the front page too!!!