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If there were a "Made in the U.S.A." section in each store department

Would you be more inclined to look in that section first if it were distinguished from the rest of the product?

Would you like to see this in a local store?

Do you think this could cause societal pressure and a trend toward buying more U.S. made products?

Do you own a store and would you experiment with this as the owner?

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I'd be curious to see the size of the US Made section in each department.

It's probably

illegal to even consider it.



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Local products having an advantage due to local sentiment should only have a positive influence on foreign products because they must strive to counter that advantage by being sufficiently less expensive and of comparable quality to overcome the sentiment. There is no artificial force here like a government edict, just an added awareness and competition of domestically produced vs foreign produced.

Self bump.

Because...what if it were that simple to have an impact on consumption by source of production?