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Eaters of the world unite!

This Thursday,we can really stick it to McScranalds and Jac in the Crack and the rest of the corporate clowns who tried to kill us by serving maggot infested beef and GMO and laced cornstarch .These clowns are not your friends and have killed more people than John Wayne Gacy.

Think Im kidding , ask the 3 people in Colorado who went in the Jimmy Junks {Oh,yea you cant they are dead} from salmonella poisoning.Every time you go in one of these roach infested concentration camps you are taking you life in your own hands.

These corporate criminal fascists not only have the nerve to poison our children but they also subsidize their wage slaves on the taxpayers dime with food stamps.There is not a more closer example a Nazi style market place than the fast food industry.

Think about it,The food industry kills animals places them in cattle cars and then ships them too dead carcass morgues where obese zombie capitalist kill themselves eating dead animals.

This Thursday I can think of no better reason to go vegan how about you.

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Jefferson's picture


you the guy who insisted we go to your favorite seafood place in N.O. and eat giant platter fulls-o-food? That was a pretty good call btw.....8) (sorry couldn't resist)

Long time no see lancelot. Hope all is well.

Who's this dude...btw?')


Gad! Jefferson thats so embarassing.

Yes the overfeed fat guy is me. Oh well,u atleast we have beautiful gals like Kat in the movement to make up for it. How have ya been J. I wanna come see ya again when I make down to Austin.Tanx 4 du bump. Lov secret chimp.

I think

MCD's has vegan options too.

Nope not where Im from.

But with my vegan diet I can live on 30$ a week.Im not perfect but I limit my self from food poisoning in take only few times a year Anyone can live of 30 dollars a week of food.Its easy I buy all my food from Dollar Tree and ingest small amounts of Dimascius 8 for GMO.

I was just messing

with you a bit.