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How much gold should each person have?

My thought was 2 parts; first how much of each precious metal is on earth and second how many earthlings there are to divide the metal among.

7,195,915,200 earthlings

~11,200,000,000 ounces of gold
~1.56 ounces of gold per earthling

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7.2 Billion humans on Earth,

7.2 Billion humans on Earth, right now.

11.2 Billion oz of Gold mined, right now (`$1200 USD right now per oz)

21 Million Bitcoins. Not 21,000,000.00000001 ever, 21 million, period.

Something tells me that if Gold is good to hold due to it's scarcity, usefulness, and acceptance that Bitcoins, which are and always will be far more scarce, far more easy to use, and which are gaining in acceptance widely & rapidly, would be wise as well.

And gold and other precious

And gold and other precious metals are going to be mined from asteroids in short order. Movie director James Cameron is part of a group of investors planning to do this.


where you been?

Thank god I listened to Dr. Paul back in 2007.

I am at least above that margin and have a lot in silver.