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Mexican Colleges Look To Expand Into America

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Mexico Campuses

While it is good for everyone to be as educated as possible, as capable, as desired, I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it. Mexico does have some excellent universities that have produced some very good professionals, especially doctors. But what I read between the lines comes across as Mexico and it's people refusing to assimilate into our society and barging into our country and doing whatever they like. It's their discriminant, arrogant attitudes that puts so many citizens off. And to think they can just extend their schools here and offer courses on "their" campuses while their students & families use our resources, is unconscionable! Unfortunately, our clueless politicians, especially in California, will probably allow this to happen. Any society, any group always sinks to the lowest common denominator. And so our march to a third world existence goes forward.

That is very good. The more

That is very good. The more options in education the better. Also, this may be subsidized by the Mexican government.

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I was schooled in the public school system and I was taught

that Mexico is in America.

I'm sorry, that last girl in

I'm sorry, that last girl in the video at UCLA was speaking at or below a third grade level... and she was enrolled at UCLA.

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